Monday, February 25, 2008


Ladies, I would lOVE to know your predictions for the 2008 elections. I am just curious considering all of us are in different regions with somewhat tainted media coverage. Did anyone notice the countless pre-meditated comments by Jon Stewart in the Oscars last night? Sadly, whatever the outcome, I doubt I will be too confident in this years outcome.


Ruth said...

ooh jonny boy was allll over it last night!!!!!

well, being in DC---everyone either works for the govt. against the govt. its 24/7/365---

my heart sighs in defeat---the republicans are going to get creamed---like creammmmmmed.

especially with an old fart 12 chinned cheatin moderate like john mccain. ugh. its so sad---he is so uninspiring...i mean i'm dyyyyyying for ANYONE to get me pumped...have a prayer of chance.. anything?!?!?!??!---and they all were terrible. i was personally pulling for mitt---i thought he had the best shot against hilla the hun or barakakakak---but still didn't think he had a real chance..

so the Ds will take it. and have still can taste clintons in my mouth from years past---but i hear/see that obama is actually much more liberal and pro death than hillary...if that's even possible. but with all his kennedyesque speeches, i think he'll take it. that's my prediction.

i have totally settled my mind on praying for only 4 years---so sad. what you ladies think????? anybody think the Rs have a shot?? aprayer??

Liza said...

I Do think we have a shot...but unfortunately a small one...considering everyone is so down on where Bush has brought us today. I just hope that Hillary is not the option....I mean think about it...we need some NEW blood in the White house...if Clinton will be a 24 year spread of either a Bush or Clinton in the white house!!! That is just NUTS people!

Maria Grace said...

I predict Obama takes all.

I like watching him talk- but I really don't know all that much about him and what he REALLY stands for.

I don't pay too much attention to politics or to the race :-/
I didn't know he was worse than Hilary until I read it from Ruth.

I just know that everyone in NYC seems to be head over heels in love with Barak Obama.
I'm pretty indifferent at this point b/c like Ruth said- I don't have someone running that inspires me... yet