Friday, March 7, 2008

Enough is Enough!

Seriously..what is the deal...One girl after another it seems this past week or broken SO discouraged...and over what>?? Men!!

"Is he really out there?"

Some are trying to cling to relationships that are broken for the mere fear of being alone! Some are utterly shocked and betrayed by the revelations of the one guy they thought they knew! And some girls are giving them selves away guys who don't deserve them....and barely even notice them. This is a sad yet epidemic problem.

So what do we do? As women, what should do here? Should we keep begging for scraps of attention from a selfish jerk? Should we run back into the arms of the one who only inevitably hurts us...just bc NOW he says all the right things? OR...Should we despair completely? Should we look in the mirror and tell ourselves how ugly and undesirable we are? Should we put up walls so that we can never be hurt like this again?!

no no and NO!

Sometimes it is SO easy for us to give advice to our friends, to see the problem in another relationship, or to see the beauty in our girlfriend. But for ourselves....we fall so short. We lie to ourselves.,."I'm fat" "I'm too old" "I messed all this up"..."what did I do wrong"..and on and on and on!!

Stop and THINK!

Whatever situation you are in right now...if it wasn't YOU....if it was a friend...what would u tell her??

So LISTEN to you Head..NOT your heart....especially if that heart is broken!

YOU WILL be ok..You will get over this....If you are reading this...I know I can say with confidence that you ARE beautiful...and amazing...and WORTH IT!

Guys are not who they were meant to be. Maybe it's the culture, their age, maturity ETC....but it makes me sad to see how few REAL men there are out there...but there ARE some. And you're not doing yourself ANY favors by settling for one who is NOT.

I just want people ..women specifically to be realize their worth....and to above all OWN IT!! As trivial as that may sound ladies ...I couldn't be more serious. To Own to love yourself...your looks, your quirks, and all your imperfections....

To own it is to be stand firm...and to stay true to your beliefs.

To own it will NOT be KNOW who you are, and what you know that you are loved..and deserve SELFLESS and true love.

To Own to have faith! Faith that you were made to be loved, faith that your true love WILL come, faith that no matter what hardship you are dealing with RIGHT this second..that YOU can and WILL get past will be OK....and if you put that faith in God you will be BETTER than will be marvelous...because HE really is the only one who wont let you down.

Bottom line ladies...Stop dwelling & start living, Stop hating on yourself...and start LOVING yourself. love life, and don't look back. Own it today and don't worry about tomorrow.


Maria Grace said...

Preach it SISTER!
Sorry I don't have time to write more, I'm busy OWNING IT!

Meghan said...

Great encouraging! Thanks!

Joshie said...

I bought a book yesterday called: "Don't be THAT girl"- written by a guy no less, it fits right in with your post. I've only skimmed it so far- but it looks decent.

Ruth said...

dont be THAT girl is written by one of the dudes that was the Bachelor...i saw him on Dr Phil (dont ask..lucy flipped channels.ahem.)....but anyway--everything made me want to puke. so judgemental. a woman would say one thing and yep, she's THAT girl..and he had all these was just stupid. he doesnt jackshit. and is just trying to use his 15minutes of ridiculously pathetic fame to make a buck.