Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Read...ladies, you owe it to yourself.

This Blog is such a fun idea! This is for you Liza Lanny ;-)

I have read a couple of the past posts regarding men...or should I say boys, haha.
Everyone is in a different situation...

Some are engaged (Big Congrats by the way!) Maybe you are separated, in a relationship, not happy, "settling", single and loving it, or single and desperate...the point is everyone is at a different stage/journey and it's up to us and ONLY us to make the best out of every situation. I myself have my own insecurities, fears, etc. but lately I have really embraced them and decided to OWN IT.

My favorite quote is "The first and best victory is to CONQUER SELF."
I love this saying because I believe we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy. We know what our shortcomings are but every day, every decision we make we need to OVERCOME and do the best thing.

My grandpa used to say something that was simple but always rang in my ear when I was going to sin...He said, "Always, Always, Always, do the right thing." Thats just good advice for life...Say it out loud, write it down on a post-it and put it on your computer at work, etc.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Well in regards to the boys ;-) situation...

Here's my advice in a nutshell...

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. ...It's sexy ladies!!! We have to believe and feel that we are amazing in order for others to believe it.
NOT COCKY though, b/c that is oh so much a turn off.

Independence...Men love it when we are passionate about our work, beliefs, and causes and put them to action. They want to know if for some reason, they wont break, that you can hold your own. Don't play "the game" but being unavailable from time to time makes you more desirable, FYI.

I was reading Cosmo (I know, I know but this was on a plane and the magazine was left, haha).
I skipped the whole 'try these positions' part...INAPPROPRIATE ;-)...
I did however come across a page, "What Men Want" ...I thought it would all be about sex but surprisingly made a lot of sense. It was a survey thousands of men wrote in and agreed upon. I riped the page out and I wanted to share it with you ladies.

1. Men want a fun and exciting (female) companion.
2. Men want great sex (consistent, frequent, and passionate lovemaking score high with men).
3. Men want to share meals with their woman companion (especially when she cooks for him).
4. Men want you to support them in their work and boost their confidence.
5. Men want you to look great, keep in shape, and express confidence about your body.
6. Men want you to listen to them and treat them with respect.
7. Men need private time, to unwind, to engage in sports and hobbies, and to spend time with other men.

Now this list may seem a little shallow but most of these I think are fair. Are we really doing those things to/with our significant other?

Let me just say real quick... #5 Looking great does not mean you have to be a trophy doll.
Watching our weight, drinking healthy food and water benefits to our own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is important to love our body.

I could go on and on about what I think WE should work on...Guys, well let's face it, they have endless things that they need to work on!!! But let's not point the blame and just work on ourselves for now...I need to take my own advice now :-)

I just hope my post helped someone. Get some perspective, inspire, etc.

I leave you with a funny quote...

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women.
~Nicole Hollander

OWN IT!!!!!

JMay xxx


Joshie said...

Good post- I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago; only looking at from what good Catholic men are attracted to (go to my blog and look for "5 S's" in my favorite Posts list).

One important thing is that these traits (confidence, etc...) come from "the inside out"- meaning they are real- and come from being truly affirmed in one's value in worth through God and family/friends.

My last piece of advice is that God has to be #1 in a girl's life. It sounds obvious- but it kills relationships when it's not true. That's personal experience talking too.

Maria Grace said...

Thanks Jenny. Good advice.
I know that with Oliver it works like a charm. If I am feeling insecure, he picks up on it and it really bothers him.
But if I am confidant things are much better between us. Sometimes I think that when I am confidant he feels more secure or something (not that he would EVER admit to being insecure too).
With this one I have to fake it to make it. If I start "acting" confidant, he responds well and i actually feel more confidant.

Liza said...

Thanks Jenny! perfect...the essence of Owning IT!...confidence!

Like Maria said, sometime we DO have to fake it till we make it!

I love that you are reminding us to stop focusing on THEM...and place the focus on ourselves! What WE need to work on..with or without them!

an angel gets his wings when a new author writes a post! ;) keep em coming!!! xoxox

Maria Grace said...

I just checked with the Cardinal and he confirmed that an angel does i fact get his wings everytime a new blogger posts.

So, you are basically helping God.

Anna Rose Zuniga said...

LOVE IT Jenny!!!
and I agree with all of the above.

Ruth said...

hollllllly toledooooo-----maybe i need to check myself before i wreck myself buttttttttttt is it terrible but i'm pretty much very unconcerned with "what men want"!!!!!!!!!????????

i mean good food. sex. man bonding. bodies with karates---well, good for you boys.

but when i'm pounding the pavement i'm never thinkin about getting a better bod for a man-----or when making cookies or cooking (rarity) its never to hone skills that i can then spew out to impress a dude.

ummmmmm----i guess i go about my business and am much more concerned with 2 things: what i want!!!! and improving myself, so I AM happier with myself...not anyone else.