Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Say NO to Sun Damage!

Girls...I love being tan more than anyone!..But i am ULTRA scared of skin cancer, and sun spots..etc etc

So what's a girl to do!!???

Don't waste your time, money and skin on fake & baking!

I found the best Self tanner! I am looks like u havea nice tan, NO orange color..and is FAST!

One is for the body..and one is for the face. They are LANCOME..Do it and your skin will thank u later :)


Maria Grace said...

can I just use yours?

Liza said...

u would say that!

Anna Rose Zuniga said...

Liza-totally with you on this. My Aunt that I am close with is suffering so much from skin cancer right now, and she is only in her 40's. I have commited since then to avoid those rays when I can.
Of course, being a Mary Kay consultant I use their "Daily Glow Mositurizer", which has been FABULOUS. no orange or no spots. I tried Jergens, but I got orange spots...ick.