Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confusion on Compensation and other ramblings...

I might as well jump on and post too. I have nothing really insightful to talk about, other than that I am utterly exhausted. I have already hit 50 hours this week. Yes people, it's Thursday. I'm likely to put in another 20 before the week is over. Wait! I'll be working Saturday & Sunday too. This is what confuses me. Why are some SWAMPED and overworked (and highly underpaid) while others are under-worked and equally compensated? Ahhh life's questions...Liza, the keeps us in our current jobs. Fo Sho. We have no choice but to stay put and ride it out.

Let's think of some small ways to make ourselves happy in light of the current situations (Obama, clothes not fitting, economy, loud chewers).

Cheap thrills:

1. Get your nails done.

2. Take a walk.

3. Invest in earplugs (to eliminate loud chewers).

4. Clean out your closet (out with the old non-fitting items. or alter them).

5. Wine. Must include wine.

OK this isn't much of a post. I apologize. My work week has turned my brain to mush. On the upside, I was in the break room today and this girl that works at the client I audit, (who my coworker Brittany and I always envy her clothing), said to me "You always dress so cute" HELLO! Owning it! I said "we think you do too". That MIGHT have been a slightly creepy response on my part, as I was the only one in the kitchen with her. Am I a character on Lord of the Rings? Anyways, she said I mix different patterns and textures and she likes it. Wow! Thanks girl in the kitchen! I do feel pressure to keep this up, now...

Also if you haven't been voting on my shoes, what are you doing instead? Working? SHEESH. Likely excuse. Get on it.

Love you all, please go ahead and own it this weekend while I stay behind and work. Yayyyy.
I think she's owning it, do you? Found on The Sartorialist.


Gabriel and Anna said...

ha ha ha! oh my gosh and I am loving this post too....your Lord of the rings comment had me laughing so hard that Gabe was like "whats going on?" so great. love you.

Maria Grace said...

I looooooove LOVE love that you said "we"- that is so awesome. Own it- you are a Queen and now your client know it because of your vocabulary!