Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well since Maria has posted 3 times in a row.. I feel compelled to write. I don't really have too much to say. Nothing enlightening, and nothing inspiring. But since we are friends here.. I will just take this time to vent to you about how FRUSTRATED I am, regarding these various topics

1. The Economy. Seriously everything is depressing and ppl are all scared, clinging to their wallets.. only hurting the economy more. Can't it be over yet?? This whole recession thing isn't working for me. It is causing premature grey hairs for lots of undeserving people :(

2. My JOB.. has got to stop. It has been so slow and yet stressful.. I feel like my brain is going to MUSH. No challenging projects, nothing to motivate me. I think I have MAXED out my talents..and am in need of mentoring our something NEW..some kind of CHANGE...Yet bc of this Horrible economy.. It is considered tacky to complain about my job..bc at least i HAVE one!...ARGH

3.Obama. Actually I better not start, becuase I want to leave work in about 20 minutes, and this could take awhile

4.Technology. I'm sorry but why are we wasting our brains on silly little stalkerish sites like the one called Twitter, when we SHOULD be focussing our efforts on either A: flying cars, or B: teleporting Machines. I mean seriosuly ppl it is almost 2010, and if I wanna see my friend in CA this weekend I would need to spend mucho money and Mucho TIME just getting there. What is wrong with this world?!

5. The work week. Why are we forced to work 5 days every single week.. even when it is nice out side!? that is just wrong. I recommend working 4 days and relaxing 3. That alone would stimulate more shopping..hence improviong our economy all around. Hence I am an economical GENIUS!

6. Calories. Why do they exist? Why does fat exist? Why can't I fit into Half of the clothes in my closet? and furthermore, why do those have to be the cutest clothes I Own!!??

7. PPL that CHEW LOUDLY. I cannot tell you how it makes my skin crawl. right now I am currently listening to my boss, scarf down some snacks.. about 5 feet away from me. It sounds like he is chewing in my friggin EAR!

8.People that move to other countries. IE Therese and Peter. WHY? That is totally selfish and unconsiderate. Why did they have to move to India.. or Honduras.. to help ppl our do something "fulfilling"!?what about MY needs? what about ME?

9. Complainers.


Maria Grace said...

Hurray you posted!
I'm sorry I chew so loudly- I can't help it. Please don't report me to the Countess.
I love your idea about working less and spending more- it was definitely an INSPIRATIONAL post!

Gabriel and Anna said...

THis has been one of my favorite posts so far....simply because I am l agree with all 9 of the points and it is so humorously stated. Thanks for breaking up my week girls with these posts! I know I am so bad at posting-I promise I will sooN!

Therese said...

Love it! In reference to #5...become a nurse...just not one on mission:)

And about #8...I'll be home in 7 weeks!!!

Quote of the day: Vitam Ama... Love Life!