Thursday, March 5, 2009

The New York Post

I think I know why it takes babies 9 months from conception to be fully ready for birth. I grow the same way. In the last 9 months I've made several changes and learned a lot about myself. Most importantly, I've come up with 9 ways to OWN iT:

9- Do things that normally scare you. Be daring. I'm talking risky behavior like jumping into a cold pool instead of taking it one toe at a time. Last night I ran 2.25 miles on a treadmill- that is scary to me, but I feel uber proud of myself!

8- Listen to new music- rock out to Lily Allen and Rilo Kiley- instant confidence booster and anti-self-pity.

7- Hang out with the girls- DANCE DANCE DANCE!

6- Appreciate the little things. Doing little things that you enjoy and appreciating them goes a long way, as does doing little things for those you love.

5- Read Josephine B. and hold your head up high because you know you will be Empress one day.

4- Dress up. Maybe you already do this, but I've tried harder and it is easier to own it when you are wearing it!

3- Stop feeling so guilty. I no longer feel the need to beat myself up when I eat too much ice cream, etc, etc ...use your imagination here... because you only live once. I do think it is important to learn from mistakes, but not to tear yourself up over them.

2- Learn your lessons. I've made so many mistakes in my life, and right now I'm giving myself credit for learning from them, changing my life around, and starting again. Remember, one day I will be Empress, but I certainly did not start out as royalty.

1- Get a haircut or style that makes you feel amazing. When people say: "I love your haircut", respond with "I know! Me too!" Thats owning it.


Lovey said...

Amen sister!!!!

Alexis Blake said...


love it though, all so true.

Liza said...

omg I forgot how much I love your Tips! You should make some more Mia - since you have been seriously OWNING IT lately