Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the bus with Beyonce...

I was reading Glamour Magazine on the bus to work this morning. No, I didn't buy it, my mom won't let me, wait I don't live with my mom anymore... but I mysteriously get it for free in the mail ok? And I happen to love it. Don't tell mom- you know who you are.

It is the magazine's 70th anniversary. Woohoo! Happy Birthday! Ok so various women who have been featured in the magazine at one point or another wrote in to congratulate the magazine.

From BEYONCE knolls... or is she Beyonce Z now? I can't keep up as much as my coworker DG tries to help me stay on top of the news. Not real news, but celebrity gossip news which tends to be more important in my office. And in my life.

Ok so from Beyonce 'the Diva' Knolls Z:

"You've asked me what glamour is, and I've given it a lot of thought. Glamour is the style and elegance that become a particular woman's trademark. For most it is the hair, the clothes, the shoes, the bag and the fine jewelry. It is that for sure, but glamour to me is also something so much more. It is a woman's power. The power of confidence, the power of success, the power to walk into a room and bring all voices to a hush and all eyes in one direction: hers. That's glamour.
XO, Beyonce"

Yowza. Not only can she sing, dance, act, and carry it all off effortlessly and with class, but what a great definition. Time to go use my power. I think I'll channel Beyonce today.

What's your definition of glamour?


Liza said...

I love her!!! She is total GLAM.. so r u btw.. love the posts..keep em coming!!!

Jenny May said...

This is so cute, great post Maria!

Mary T. said...

Love it! specially about the part about walking into a room and quieting everyone : ) And im with Liza i love all the posts!

Anna Rose Liesemeyer said...

Maria...rockin' post. Love this one.

Alexis said...

Fantastic Post... love beyonce.