Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Although I am not a big fan of the fools doing stupid pranks today... I am a fan of the geniuses with well-thought-out clever ones.

A co-worker of mine, Tania, made her Facebook status "Laid off". I about had a heart attack. This was her idea of a good prank because her only other ideas were:

1-fake being pregnant with twins, (which she decided was a jinx)
or 2-winning the lotto (just depressing but not alarming or believable)

Tania, Tania, Tania... in this economic climate? really? Although my brain was saying, "it is April Fool's, obvi", my heart argued, "what if I get laid off? how will I live? how will I pay my bills? beat beat beat ba-beat beat". Next time you need to come up with something, come talk to me and we will do it right.
On a day like today, think Jim. Jim Halpert. King of the Prank. Ruler of the Fools. Prankster Extrordonairre. In my memory... he put Dwight's desk in the bathroom and called him there, messed with his computer on multiple occasions, got Dwight to hit himself with his own phone... and of course the stapler in jello. Gotta love it.

I don't know if I will pull anything this year. Its not worth doing unless I can do it right. As of now I have no ideas really. I'm so out of it this week. I am so not owning it :-/ and neither is my emoticon. So, I better do an awesome prank to get out of my funkithon. HELP I need ideas!

------------------------time out.------------------------
ok i'm back with some thoughts, and I should add that I feel motivated and energized...

My coworker DG and I have it all planned out now. We are going to work together. One of us will distract Tania while the other flips her mouse buttons -clicking the left will be like right click, and vice versa. We will also reset Tania's internet homepage to something bizzarre and embarrassing... and change her wallpaper to a tiled picture of our boss.
Last but not least, we are leaving a post-it for a few coworkers that says "See me ASAP" and sign our boss' name!

This is the best way I can Own it today at work! fun fun fun!


Tai said...

I'm sorry Maria. Nothing else would have come close to being believable. But I definitely know that this isn't the time for those pratical jokes. Accept my apology please. :-(

Liza said...

BOO YAH... Awesome April Fool's Joke.. Thanks for the idea Jim.. Via Maria's Memory..

Sent Brian (person I work with).. and email from his FUTURE self... BAM
from his own email address.

He could NOT figure out WHO sent it to him. It was awesome. He said he may in fact need to consider it was infact, His future self.