Monday, April 27, 2009

Before and After

Ok people, so this is Liza's BEFORE pic (note her ends are random, dead, and blonde):

This is the AFTER shot (note hair is still very long while her ends look much healthier): This is PETRA, from back in October...

Liza Lize, please share your experience with the group, and tell us what YOU think about your hairstyle by Petra. Oh and while Liza got her hair did, I was in the corner bar with another bestie drinking half-price cosmos!!

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Liza said...

HAHAH thanks Mia..

Well I must say it was Quite a pleasant Hair experience! She didnt even try to force a deep conditioner on they usually do ($30 a pop).. she actually cared about the future of my hair.. and what to do until the next cut.. how to help get rid of all my fly aways.. she loved my natural color.. and said we should wait and see what the sun does to it this summer b4 messing with it!.. I mean how many hair dressers dont JUMP on the opportunity to UPsell your look, telling you all the things you neeed to do, that of course cost a BUNDLE. she was great, and i love my healthy (still long..non layered) Hair.. THANKS PETRA!!