Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bon to the Qui Qui

Do people ever get on your nerves just for wanting you to do your job? Do you ever think to yourself... "why can't I just have this annoying person removed from my presence"? Do you ever want to say "I will CUT you" to some stupid fat hobbit who bothers you? Wow, you have issues... I never feel that way.

I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Bon Qui Qui. Feel free to take notes on her wise life lessons.


Annie's Heel said...

my nephews sometimes go "NINI (what they call me) I CUT YOU!" while holding a plastic knife. It probably shouldn't crack me up so much but it does.

I frequently feel like numchucking someone at work DAILY..... what? is that a problem?

Maria Grace said...

Own it Ann, OWN it!

Urban Mom said...

I love Bon Qui Qui! My sister is great a imitating the "secuhritay!" that she does.

I do not miss the office thing. Not one bit. All of that education and working my up and all that crap. Ugh. Outta there and hoping to not have to look back. (but glad that i can if i have to, of course... let's not bite too hard on the hand that might one day once again feed me)


Liza said...


june cleaver said...

You are, and forever will be... a favorite of mine!