Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embracing the Call!

We are ALL meant for something. Something bigger than ourselves.

Personally, I have felt the pull to DO something MORE with my life.. ever since college. But unfortunately the realities of bills, rent, loans etc. so often take priority. I have been doing a lot of searching lately, a LOT of thinking and not enough praying about it. Maybe I am scared that God may show me the plan, but I will be too scared to accept it. Maybe I'm not ready to embrace the mission. But ready or not, He shows me time and time again..tugs at my heart.. and ignites my soul. He is leading me.. sign by sign, person by person on a new path - a new adventure.

What is your passion???? This is a simple yet not so easy question to answer sometimes. I have a LOT of interests, a LOT of "passions"..But what is the one I am designed to claim as MINE?... This is SUCH an important question for each of us to answer. If you don't know it, think about it. If you find yourself in a job that you have worked hard for, but aren't fulfilled by - that is not your passion.

Our hearts were designed so specifically, so perfectly and so uniquely. We are NOT using this AMAZING heart - the heart of a WOMAN... to its full capacity if we do not recognize and EMBRACE our Passion. discovering our passion will lead us to our call. This will be the gateway to true success and true fulfillment.

As I embark on my journey of soul searching - I challenge you each to do the same (if you have not already).. unlock the true heart you were given.. and reveal the call you were MADE to embrace.


Therese said...

I think you read what I wrote in my journal yesterday! We need to hold each other accountable to going after our "call" and "passions" ... Let's do it sister! You inspire me! Having lived the past year feeling like I was EXACTLY where God wanted me...and living my dream...I can;t settle anymore! So let's always be reaching for that!!! Love you!

Maria Grace said...

How do you find your passion? I find a interest that I focus on for awhile and then move on to another, learning as I go, and enjoying the journey... but it isn't 1 consistant passion.
I don't feel a yearning to find a specific underlying passion tho. Does anyone else feel this way? Or are you ladies inspired more intensely?