Thursday, April 23, 2009

getting thru the work week

Remeber being a kid, and playing "college" or "work" or "house"? It was so much fun! Liza and I would set up for hours on end, assign characters, dress up in lady clothes and our mom's old heels, oh and big earrings of course.

College turned out to be alot more work than I imagined, but also loads more fun. It turns out that Aunt Betty's version college was a bit more refined than my real experience.

House, well I'm not quite at the stage of playing house where there is a mom, dad, and kids. But I do really enjoy my home and my roomies.

Work. Playing work was way more glamourous and prestigious than reality. I do still wear the big earrings with pride, and Liza and I still try to dress up in lady clothes. The kids in this comic seem to have it right...
The chicks say it best as always.
Who wants to have a virtual beer with me? I'll take a Magic Hat, and I'm toasting to Thursday and to all you ladies who own it, work it, run it, dance it, live it, love it, breathe it, say it, type it, wear it, and share it.

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Laura said...

Hey Maria. I tried a Magic Hat the other day and I liked it, so sure I'll have one with you :)

Thanks for the chat the other day, there was one thing you said that REALLY has stuck with me and (hopefully) helped me out this week.