Friday, April 3, 2009

if only...

Say it with me: FRIDAY. ahhhhh.
I am at work. It is rainy and icky outside. Meat free day.

In my vivid imagination I decided I would rather be in one of the following scenarios today...
At home, in my bed, dreaming.
At the movies with my friends wearing 3D glasses and apparently sipping on Coke.
In paradise, lounging in that empty hammock on the beach somewhere in my bikini and I have a perfect body (it is my fantasy). It is warm. It is quiet. No work to do. No responsibilities. Imagine.
Even this one- much closer to my reality. No these are not my feet and not my office, but I am jealous of her (not the toe ring). I want to plop my feet up on the desk and happen to have a perfect pedicure and shaved legs.
But alas, I am here at work, eating a peanut butter sandwich at my desk. I will be here til 5 o'clock, but then all bets are off.
I am grateful to have a job, and to have wonderful friends to chill with me tonight. I am giddy not to sit at this desk again until Monday. I have orientation for a new Saturday job tomorrow morning, and I am ecstatic about that ($$, more clinical than where I'm at now, and no commute bc it is literally downstairs from my apt). Speaking of my apt I have 2 gorgeous and loving roomies, another bff down the block, and dvr. So serio- what more could a girl wish for?

It is MyDay, and I will ROCK it in my usual reality. In the words of The Cure, "Its Friday I'm in love".

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Anna Rose Liesemeyer said...

Maria-I just love your visuals:) And know that many other catholics like myself ate peanutbutter sandwiches for lunch:) rock on. You are fab.