Friday, April 24, 2009

Petra Fandom

After work t0night Liza is going to the bestest hair stylist in NYC!!!
I'm going with her so that I can watch, and bc I'm obsessed with Petra. The Little Hair Shoppe is the most wonderfullest place in the city.

This is why I love Petra: she is sort of like a Life Coach for your look. She will be honest and tell you if something you want won't look right on you; she will make suggestions about things you never thought possible; she will help build your confidence so you are ready for what is to come.
Petra will snip snip snip away, sometimes putting the scissors down because she has some insight to share about life. You pay attention to this, knowing it is important.

Your hair looks better than you expected, more amazing than you knew you were allowed to hope for. You strut out of there with your head held high. Looking in every mirror you pass. Owning your new do. You see all the heads turning in your direction and think to yourself, "self, you look beautious".

Anyways, I'm going with Liza to just watch and admire. Petra knows how to OWN it like nobody's business. And we'll be sure to post the before and after shots!

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Anna Rose Liesemeyer said...

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PICS! Isn't it amazing what a great haircut can do??!