Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Subway Showdown

It was 8:00 AM on a Monday morning.. and I was riding the subway to work, here in NYC. As per the norm, there were lots of characters on this ride. And as is also standard, there were lots of young professional women dressed to the nines. I did my normal glance around, taking in the designer labels, the shoes, the accessories.. thinking to myself.."nice use of color".. "hmm that girl accessorizes well"...and as I continued my survey of the scene "ugh why is she so thin and perfect!?" then as more women entered the subway car I noticed the usual "Too many pieces of jewelry in one outfit dear"..and "wow somebody spent their entire bonus on a handbag".

Then of course, there was the young teenage beauty. She had a little figure, and her long hair was swooped down over her eyes.. she stood there listening to her iPod as each woman in the subway car examined her look.....It's just what we DO. I for one wasn't even in a fashionable ensemble that morning, but nonetheless sized up the other females.

Make no mistake they were each doing the same. It is a distinctive look one has when she is surveying the attire on another woman. If she isn't looking, she is standing there with a certain look on her face.. We don't glare but we certainly don't smile either.. we remain straight faced, trying to exude an Ora of confidence, and carelessness.

Our lovely subway showdown was going on just fine when all of a sudden an old man appeared from the corner, making his way to the door. His clothes were torn, and he had a white foam-like residue forming around his mouth. This is certainly not an uncommon site on the subway, so I didn't feel the need to stare. But as he moved closer to the door, I heard him say something to the teenage girl listening to her iPod. The innocent girl, tried to be polite and removed her headphones to hear what he was saying to her. She flashed him a nervous smile. He was blocking her path, since she had been leaning against the door. Instantaneously, every woman turned and glared at him. Some moved in closer to her, and others stood still ready to pounce at his next move.

No one said a single word. No one said anything to him, or even to her. But, in one unanimous motion we rallied around our kin. It was clear, we were watching. Do NOT mess with one of our own... He got out at the very next stop.


Uptown Girl said...

i HEART this post Lize, please give us more short stories you little closet author you.

Urban Mom said...

And somewhere out there, this young woman's mom and dad are saying, "thank you, ladies!!"

Lovin' the girl power...