Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Oldie But Goodie

Sip on a cappuccino, take a break from the million things you're doing today. If your man is lacking in the tenderness or sweetness dept - try playing this song while he sleeps - maybe it will sink in :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fab Fabrics

I would buy any fabric from here: ..... perfect for any apt or home. I definately have a modern eclectic taste.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun finds

So I was thinking how I should start sharing with you girls some of the fun finds I come across on my favorite blogs....and on etsy. Here is a current fave I found through a design blog....HAPPYTAPE! I stocked up on some:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Song of the Day

Shout out to our Moms.. after all they taught us how to Own it...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chris Martin rocks my flops off.

Good morning lovely ladies. Apologize for my absence, it has not been intentional :)

Last night I had the pleasure, nay the honor, of seeing Chris Martin and his British lads perform at an indoor/outdoor arena in Dallas. I had a seat, which was a good thing, because overhead there were fans to keep us cool in the hot Texas weather. The show was unbelievable. He did not play only "Viva" tracks, but tracks from pretty much every album he has produced. On top of that he threw in an acoustic cover of MJ's Billie Jean. How can you top that!?

During the performance of "Yellow" (yes, he busted that out!), giant yellow balloons fell from the ceilings for everyone to bounce around. After a while they kept flying back at him (Chris: "we're under attack!"). Here is a snapshot from the moment:

Chris continued to dazzle the crowd with Lovers in Japan off his new album. Tiny paper butterflies shot out EVERYWHERE and I snagged one to take home. It was the same butterfly that is on their recent album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, which they said they made so many copies of, they just had to give some away for free after the concert. We definitely fought the crowds to grab it, even though I had downloaded it a couple months ago free from their site!

The entire set list can be found here. Overall, a night to remember as one of the best shows I've ever seen live (note: other favorite was Radiohead last summer. Phenomenal show-check it out here).

Just something to brighten your day, I love this version of "Clocks" with Rhythms del Mundo.

ps-I took these photos on my iphone and used an app called "photogene" to sharpen them a bit!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I heart the show, “The Office”…the writers are brilliant and Steve Carell is a comedic genius. If I had a boss like Michael Scott, I think I would really enjoy going to work!

With that being said, I think I should write to the writers of the show to introduce a new character.

Meet Geoff (pronounced Jeff)…A middle aged genius who got his Master’s in Chemistry only to turn around to go to Law School and become an attorney. He lives with his cat and only gets calls from his Mom.

Side notes: Every morning at 9am, Geoff tells his Paralegal one of the following:

a. “I worked out at the pool last night” (aka: Floated with a life vest in the kiddie pool)
b. “I need to find a girlfriend, do you have any friends, I’m a catch!”
c. “I ate 3 bowls of Cinnamon Oatmeal this morning, that has to be some type of record!”

On Friday Jean Day, he asks her, “Is what I’m wearing cool?”,,,

Sound good? It gets better…

*His office looks like a jungle because all the other attorney’s order plants to mess with him and put them in there when he’s gone.
*When a girl talks to him, he gets so nervous he cannot even look at her in the eye.
*He laughs at all of his own jokes before he gets to the punch line and then can’t stop laughing thus preventing him from even saying the punch line which leaves everyone in the room staring at him with confusion.

Oh the list goes on…

Well I don’t think I will write the writers of “The Office” but I just wanted to give you all a peak of my work day. Yes, I am that Paralegal and Geoff is the Attorney I support.


Now I wanna hear funny characters from YOUR office! :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Song of the Day

New Post New Chapter

Sorry for my lack of presence in the OWN IT world lately. Its mainly due to all the traveling and moving occuring in my life in the last few months. What a crazy ride! But a good one. My little fam has officially re-located to what is known as the Wheat state.....?!?! I can't deny that some days I wake up and think I am in some scene from Children of the corn, but all in all, I am loving it out here. Its hard to explain. I guess when you follow what you know God's will is for you , you jsut find peace. This picture is from fellow blogger Grace, who I was so elated to find out is now going to be my neighbor (well I consider two hours away still a neighbor:) Isn't it sweet how God can weave people in and out of your life? We are curretnly accepting any other applications of individuals who want to start a commune out in the fields with us;)
ANYWAYS-Lize thanks for always re-focusing us. OWN IT is my little way of keeping up with some of my favorite ladies in the whole world. Despite the fact that my current favorite products in life are Oxi-clean and pacifiers, I still have such a hankering for talk of fashion and frivolity and sometimes politics which are a few of the topics we can cover here. Soooo, keep blogging girls. Love to all.
I AM still here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Chapter in OWN iT

Happy Friday people. Happy SUMMER Friday. To those of you who get to leave early every Friday during the summer: I hate/want to be you.

Any Hizz... Lately I have been thinking about our Bloggy-blogKowski.. and how everyone seems to post once in a very long while (including Me obvi). SO I decided.. that needs to change. Own it needs to be recommissioned into action. I am starting by writing a new series of Blogs (like it or not). I dub thee "Unsolicited Advice".

I will be writing my advice on topics such as Fashion, dating, Make up, Dating, hairstyles, work, Playing Games (no not board games), friendships, dating, and a splash of How to deal with BABS

As I said this is UNSOLICITED ADVICE.. so be prepared to disagree. Its time to spark some debate, some laughs and some old fashion Girl Talk here at Own it. Any time you want to read about anything in particular - u are MORE than welcome to SOLICIT advice ;).. Don't worry - I never turn down an opportunity to give my opinion.

Unsolicited Advice for today:
Well since this is the first one, I will try and keep it unoffensive and pretty simple. This may seem simple to some, yet completely old-fashioned to some others.

If you like a guy and he keeps texting you but never calling - stop texting. Make him a call - to then a have an actual conversation. Let him know you are busy and would much rather just talk on the phone later that day. This also shows that HELLO you have other things going on in your life and cant constantly devote attention to his little texty texts. You may think "but Liza! I like texting.. it's easier, less serious, more aloof.. " ..Exactly. He needs to make an effort to do what may be less comfortable, but that SHOWS he is interested on a real level. Guys will want serious phone time & face time with a girl they really like. So why take the scraps??

DISCLAIMER I am by no means saying don't text with a boyfriend, or someone you have an established connection with... This is more an advisory for those of you who are in the awkward but spicy "getting to know each other phase".

well that's just my little unsolicited tip of the day.. Have a great weekend and when all else fails... just OWN IT.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I heart reading

I’m in the market for a new book after finishing the AMAZING Twilight series. I have been reading several screenplays lately for work and I need something different so I thought I would turn to you ladies...

Something lovely and uplifting…what might you all suggest?

Stop Dieting Now

Ok so maybe it is JUST me... But dieting SUCKS.

Managing what I can eat, CANT eat.. how much is too much.. then feeling guilty or anxious about what I DID eat..and on & on. I have found that working out is the key ingredient to feeling & looking great... But in addition to working out, the tips & tricks I picked up in this book have REALLY helped me put my eating into a healthy perspective:

I am always skeptical of diets & books and ANY advice about weight loss. You can't expect the same method to work for you, just bc it allegedly worked for someone else. But Bethenny Frankel - From the Real Housewives of NYC (u know u love that show).. wrote this awesome book about NOT dieting. She helps to put YOU in control of what you eat, not the diet.

Give it a try
- I think you will agree.