Friday, July 10, 2009

I heart reading

I’m in the market for a new book after finishing the AMAZING Twilight series. I have been reading several screenplays lately for work and I need something different so I thought I would turn to you ladies...

Something lovely and uplifting…what might you all suggest?


Annie's Heel said...

well i read "my sister's keeper" by jodi picolt, and i have another book by her to start reading.
i'm reading jane austen right now---mansfield park.
it was hard to get into something after twilight but "my sister's keeper" definitely captivated me.

i heard there's a zombie pride and prejudice out---and i heard that it's acutally really good. maybe you could transition easily from twilight to that?

Uptown Girl said...

nothing. nothing ever.
sorry Jenny, but after Twilight I haven't found anything I like as much :(

Liza and I both read the "Josephine B." series by Sandra Gulland and LOVED it. But I don't know how uplifting it is. Just rly amazing historical fiction.

Good luch and PLEASE SHARE if u discover anything good!

Jenny May said...

Seriously, nothing beats's depressing, haha!

Thanks for the tips :-)

Will let you ladies know

Liza said...

Seriously read "The Secret Lives & Many Sorrows of Josephine B" like Maria said.. it is part one of 3 so will give u 3 awesome reads!!! I LOVE HER and the whole story of her life.. do it do it.. u wont regret it

Uptown Girl said...

you may have read it already, but I'm starting Harry Potter now bc ppl keep saying I'll like it.
I thought of a couple more great books for you Jenny:
The Princess Bride (awesome)
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
anything by Jane Austen
Confessions of a Shopaholic (light reading, fun/funny, not the same as the movie)

Trinity said...

You could do what I'm doing? IE - rereading Twilight. That's always an option, right?
Harry Potter is a good series as long as you can get past the first book. Not that the story isn't great, the writing just isn't there. After that? The books get SO MUCH better.