Friday, July 17, 2009

New Chapter in OWN iT

Happy Friday people. Happy SUMMER Friday. To those of you who get to leave early every Friday during the summer: I hate/want to be you.

Any Hizz... Lately I have been thinking about our Bloggy-blogKowski.. and how everyone seems to post once in a very long while (including Me obvi). SO I decided.. that needs to change. Own it needs to be recommissioned into action. I am starting by writing a new series of Blogs (like it or not). I dub thee "Unsolicited Advice".

I will be writing my advice on topics such as Fashion, dating, Make up, Dating, hairstyles, work, Playing Games (no not board games), friendships, dating, and a splash of How to deal with BABS

As I said this is UNSOLICITED ADVICE.. so be prepared to disagree. Its time to spark some debate, some laughs and some old fashion Girl Talk here at Own it. Any time you want to read about anything in particular - u are MORE than welcome to SOLICIT advice ;).. Don't worry - I never turn down an opportunity to give my opinion.

Unsolicited Advice for today:
Well since this is the first one, I will try and keep it unoffensive and pretty simple. This may seem simple to some, yet completely old-fashioned to some others.

If you like a guy and he keeps texting you but never calling - stop texting. Make him a call - to then a have an actual conversation. Let him know you are busy and would much rather just talk on the phone later that day. This also shows that HELLO you have other things going on in your life and cant constantly devote attention to his little texty texts. You may think "but Liza! I like texting.. it's easier, less serious, more aloof.. " ..Exactly. He needs to make an effort to do what may be less comfortable, but that SHOWS he is interested on a real level. Guys will want serious phone time & face time with a girl they really like. So why take the scraps??

DISCLAIMER I am by no means saying don't text with a boyfriend, or someone you have an established connection with... This is more an advisory for those of you who are in the awkward but spicy "getting to know each other phase".

well that's just my little unsolicited tip of the day.. Have a great weekend and when all else fails... just OWN IT.


Grace Marie said...

stamp of approval.


thank you leeza muh-reeeeeeeee

Uptown Girl said...

agreeeeed.... learned this the hard way!
however... i do think the texting even in that stage is ok as long as it is NOT the main form of communication- like, if he calls in general but texts in btwn i think its coolio yo.

what r ur thoughts on that Liza Lize?

Liza said...

o well yes of course, if the textation is an ADDITIONAL way of showing he is interested then by all means.. U know what i MEAN. That guy who JUST texts.. Who ONLY takes 5 seconds to keep you around..ew.