Monday, July 20, 2009

New Post New Chapter

Sorry for my lack of presence in the OWN IT world lately. Its mainly due to all the traveling and moving occuring in my life in the last few months. What a crazy ride! But a good one. My little fam has officially re-located to what is known as the Wheat state.....?!?! I can't deny that some days I wake up and think I am in some scene from Children of the corn, but all in all, I am loving it out here. Its hard to explain. I guess when you follow what you know God's will is for you , you jsut find peace. This picture is from fellow blogger Grace, who I was so elated to find out is now going to be my neighbor (well I consider two hours away still a neighbor:) Isn't it sweet how God can weave people in and out of your life? We are curretnly accepting any other applications of individuals who want to start a commune out in the fields with us;)
ANYWAYS-Lize thanks for always re-focusing us. OWN IT is my little way of keeping up with some of my favorite ladies in the whole world. Despite the fact that my current favorite products in life are Oxi-clean and pacifiers, I still have such a hankering for talk of fashion and frivolity and sometimes politics which are a few of the topics we can cover here. Soooo, keep blogging girls. Love to all.
I AM still here.


Uptown Girl said...

Wow, what a change Anna! Hope you are adjusting and getting used to middle America.
I'm headed to Georgia next week and will eat a peach in your honor.

Please update us more! I love hearing how everyone owns it in their different walks of life :)

Liza said...

I seriously cant believe you are in Kansas, and SO is Grace!! annd Danielle is in Kentucky?? I still think you all should live here with ME in NYC..UpperEastSide of course..

but alas - I guess u all value things like money..backyards and other silly things...

ok ok I secretly envy you.

Jenny May said...

Anna, it’s so good to hear of your new adventures! I follow your blog, so sweet! Keep the posts coming!

Liza, you made me laugh with your “I guess u all value things money..backyards, etc” I can most definitely relate...San Francisco is the most expensive city in the U.S. behind Manhattan, specifically.

You give up things living in the big city, that’s for sure…but I wouldn’t change it for anything:-)

P.S. If someone were to tell me sophomore year that Danielle would have two kids by 25 and living in Kentucky, I would have laughed in their face. As I recall, Liza and I were supposed to be the 1st ones married, haha! Loves it.

Miss all you girls!