Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I heart the show, “The Office”…the writers are brilliant and Steve Carell is a comedic genius. If I had a boss like Michael Scott, I think I would really enjoy going to work!

With that being said, I think I should write to the writers of the show to introduce a new character.

Meet Geoff (pronounced Jeff)…A middle aged genius who got his Master’s in Chemistry only to turn around to go to Law School and become an attorney. He lives with his cat and only gets calls from his Mom.

Side notes: Every morning at 9am, Geoff tells his Paralegal one of the following:

a. “I worked out at the pool last night” (aka: Floated with a life vest in the kiddie pool)
b. “I need to find a girlfriend, do you have any friends, I’m a catch!”
c. “I ate 3 bowls of Cinnamon Oatmeal this morning, that has to be some type of record!”

On Friday Jean Day, he asks her, “Is what I’m wearing cool?”,,,

Sound good? It gets better…

*His office looks like a jungle because all the other attorney’s order plants to mess with him and put them in there when he’s gone.
*When a girl talks to him, he gets so nervous he cannot even look at her in the eye.
*He laughs at all of his own jokes before he gets to the punch line and then can’t stop laughing thus preventing him from even saying the punch line which leaves everyone in the room staring at him with confusion.

Oh the list goes on…

Well I don’t think I will write the writers of “The Office” but I just wanted to give you all a peak of my work day. Yes, I am that Paralegal and Geoff is the Attorney I support.


Now I wanna hear funny characters from YOUR office! :-)


Uptown Girl said...

thanks for sharing Jenny! Sounds like you have an entertaining day everyday.

my coworker... well the girl i share my office with talks to herself a lot.(she may be reading this one day, and i'm ok with that bc she knows what i'm saying) If she's irratated, she yells at her computer or at Perez Hilton or at the woman singing at MJackson's funeral. and hits her hands against the desk. and sometimes when she is talking to her computer i think she's talking to me... and I try to respond but she doesn't hear me. It is entertaining, frightening, and endearing all at once! <3 you DG!

Annie's Heel said...

all my coworkers are work obsessed...one of them came to work on monday morning even though he went to the EMERGENCY ROOM on sunday for dehydration...and he stays up half the night working. hello! i go to bed at night thinking "i will not die over this job"..

Liza said...

wow - this is classic. what a great topic.. I'm sure everyone has SOMEONE in their office who is worth mentioning.

For me it would be none other than BRIAN.. Probably one of the funniest ppl I know. Its hard to get the full idea of his character without HEARING Brian. His voice is priceless...(think "the Penguin" in the old batman movie)with a strong Chicago accent. My nickname for Brian is Captain Condescending - which speaks for itself. if he spots something you are doing that in HIS opinion could be done better, he will say "lemme give you some advice".. to that I instinctively roll my eyes.

everyday he quotes the same exact movies and makes me guess where they are from. every time he leaves the office for the day he says "good luck on finals". Brian sees every name or phrase as an opportunity for a new acronym. wow I could go on and on and on about Brian. But I digress.. you will have to someday see for yourself.. it is hard to put into words his essence. he is brilliant,quirky, offensive, and ridiculous funny. good times.

Anna Rose Liesemeyer said...

I am laughing at all of these. So funny.... When I was working in Atlanta, there was a man named Gaetan (Gay-tawn) who is a French African American. He had the most odd sense of humor and if you got stuck talking to him it would last at least 15 minutes. So, sadly, most of the ladies and gents of the office avoided a run in. However, sometimes I felt bad so I would engage in conversation only to leave the conversation with an expression of confusion.
When I was pregnant he ALWAYS had to make a comment about not eating too much or I would gain the pregnancy weight. ...or "that poor baby is probably squished in that outfit"....or how bout calling me "fertile mertal" ?!?! Yes, Gaetan was out of a movie living his own screenplay for some shwo I don't know exists yet.

Thanks for the laughs ladies.