Friday, July 10, 2009

Stop Dieting Now

Ok so maybe it is JUST me... But dieting SUCKS.

Managing what I can eat, CANT eat.. how much is too much.. then feeling guilty or anxious about what I DID eat..and on & on. I have found that working out is the key ingredient to feeling & looking great... But in addition to working out, the tips & tricks I picked up in this book have REALLY helped me put my eating into a healthy perspective:

I am always skeptical of diets & books and ANY advice about weight loss. You can't expect the same method to work for you, just bc it allegedly worked for someone else. But Bethenny Frankel - From the Real Housewives of NYC (u know u love that show).. wrote this awesome book about NOT dieting. She helps to put YOU in control of what you eat, not the diet.

Give it a try
- I think you will agree.


Uptown Girl said...

pure raw ownage.
THANK YOU for this post Liza.

I didn't learn this lesson until my late 20s, but dieting is a ridiculous waste of time & energy.

And I didn't lose any weight until I stopped dieting and OWNED it. I'm curvy, I have flab, I like food. Hopefully I always will. But now I think I have a healthier attitude towards these things.

AND- now I work out to feel good and bc I CAN. read: not to lose weight.

You inspire me Liza.

Jenny May said...

Great Post Liza, very true.

Skinny Bitch is a great book too!

Annie's Heel said...

have you read the skinny bitch book?
its actually extremely entertaining and very enlightening-more changing your view on eating..not dieting.

Annie's Heel said...

HHAH and i just read jenny may's post. we think alike!