Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got some Dignity?

Soooo, I normally dont post on blogs- I just comment, and that's the way I like it. I give my two cents and then I bow back into the shadows. But after today? I'm comin' to the light! I heard about and then looked over this website that was BY men directed towards all women regarding us ladies respecting ourselves, and owning our dignity. I felt it was absolutely pertinent to not only this website, but for women in general. Basically- I couldn't help myself, so here I am posting. Hope you're ready for it!!!!

Its called demandyourdignity and then there's a dot com that follows. I'm not gonna give you a play by play on what the sites entails, but I think the video below gives a great idea of what the site is all about. But it does speak to women in a genuine way about not giving into the whole media garbage agenda about women and their image. Which is, you are not enough or are too much of one of the below:

eat too much
act slutty
hate yourself
eat too little
goody goody
love yourself

and the list goes on..... (did you notice that in the list that some were directly opposed? Yes, that's right, the messages tell us to be contrasting qualities at the same time! We are all super women, but NOT multiple personalities, c'mon!)

....and that you need to buy a specific product, behave in a sexual or provocative way or be different from your normal self to "be" enough. And then you will have success, men will want you, other women will wanna be you, you will feel happy, things will go your way, or your life will just be better over all. Has that happened to any of your after you wear a super low cut shirt? since you used that new face wash? after you got that $150 hair cut? or wore that new push-up bra?

Hmmmmm, not so much. But we give in to this lie, false belief, and hope that a product, service, exaggerated sex appeal, new persona, or certain attitude will not only make us more desirable and therefore happy, but fix our issues. This is a lie and even tho I try to fight it I still get sucked in sometimes and fall into the trap myself, as do many women I know. I found this website by men exhorting us to demand our dignity very refreshing, encouraging and hopeful. I hope you do too. After you watch the video- check out the actual site, and demand your dignity- from yourself and the people around you.

Bleh - how can we help?!

Here I go.

My dear ladies of OWN-IT,
Would like you to be the first crew that gives me some feeback on this....

Please vote in the poll! Lots of love,
P.S. This WILL NOT take away from my contribution to own-it:D

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna Inspires Me...

Not only is Anna one of the most breath-takingly Beautiful women I have ever seen... But she is smart, hilarious, creative, talented, Brave, charming, holy and o-so-humble. She encompasses all of the traits I strive for as a Woman who truly OWNS iT!!

Anna is a new mom & just moved her fam to Kansas! After years in Graphic design, she has now turned her design skills to making Accessories for Girls (big & small) - At SUPER affordable prices!

Check her out on Etsy:

Here is a taste of what she is making these days:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Covetable Clutch

I couldn't help but covet this clutch I saw on etsy....perfect for fall. Its already sold out:(

Friday, September 18, 2009

sometimes its not so easy to own it...

Sometimes I don't feel like owning it. Does anyone else feel that way? I mean, I don't always feel self-assured and confidant deep down in my core. Almost never 100%. In my head I think I know my worth, but my heart doesn't always feel it and exude that. That is what I like about this particular blog... it is just a bunch of girls women on a mission; trying day by day to learn and know and own our worth. That is why I keep coming back.

And on a day when I don't feel it I have a choice to make. I can choose to let it all hang out or I can fake it til I make it. Both are valid options bc sometimes I need to let myself feel those negative feelings so they can be recognized and eventually disperse- as long as I don't dwell there for too too long. And sometimes I need to fake it til I make it (I believe that idiom comes from our Ruthie). Because if I take care of myself and get up to face the world, choosing an attitude of 'I can do this', I eventually feel that way... even if I didn't originally.