Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clare is Here to stay!

WELL WELL WELL... check it out my fellow Owners... Clare (a longtime bff from college) is now joining the ranks of Own it Authors! Check out her pic down below if you don't know her..but I think almost all of you do!

Quick Stats:

Clare is a Newly wed - her hubby's name is Dan
They live in MN and she has a fab career!
She is sweet as pie, smart as hell, and happens to be one of my favorite dancers! ;)

Well I could go on.. but I gotta run.. Say hi to Clare and give her a nice OWN IT welcome! Clare, we expect you to be posting soon!

PS - that reminded me - I think everyone needs a lil intro.. Roll Call coming soon
OK now get back to owning it


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Therese said...

CLARE!!!!! KOLAR!!! :) YAY! So happy to have another means of communicating with you! GIRLS- she is a FABULOUS woman! :)