Friday, October 2, 2009

Do u like a man in a suit?

So remember how I was here talking about women and their dignity not so long ago????? Well, I saw a perfect example of what dignity is NOT! Watch this......

Seriously? As obnoxious as this is, its not a joke! Yeh, "its only a commercial, relax," you may say. But MANY women are like that and even more men believe women are in this mindset. She goes on a date, has dinner/drinks/coffee, but yet she is less than impressed, feels unhappy, is slightly bored, and is definitely not taken with the guy- but she still lets the guy take her. What is up with that? What is she telling the guy? My initial answer is to say, "Uuuuum, I dont know- perhaps 'I'm a stupid girl, take advantage of me' ?". But I think I do know and I do not think women are stupid- I think that we are not owning self-respect nor demanding from men that we be treated in a better way. What we lack within ourselves to seek and demand love, respect, honor and dignity- we poorly attempt to recover by letting substandard treatment, relationships or hook ups replace as a substitute.

Its related to the "I'm not good enough, and I can't expect too much from him, so even though he doesn't really spark my interest or is not what I need- I'm going to be with him, sleep with him, date him, cater to him....whatever, b/c he's here and interested in me". And this my dear friends is something that men are catching on to more and more. I mean its a suit company commercial- and they know it! If you dont ask for it, and expect if from them, what else will a guy think? They know that women with poor self-esteem and absence of dignity will take a guy who may have little to be desired and primarily wants to sleep with her, b/c he's there and we don't hold ourselves, or them, to higher standards. And men suffer too, as they see women and themselves in a distorted and less than honorable light, lowering their attitude towards us and their expectation of themselves to something beneath who they truly are. And if we don't set them straight, this will continue on.

I dont want to get too philosophical and read into the implications of a commercial selling a "wonder suit" that gets the woman in bed on the supposed first date. But, this is not just a commercial about a guy wearing the right suit who gets the lady. It is telling men that they can win over a lady with no effort, intellect, manners, personality, nor wit, (ignore your dignity & dont set high standards for who you are or how you treat a lady) and just look decent and you're in (literally). And it makes women look like desperate idiots, who have no regard for themselves nor the capacity to make a choice based on what they want and what they know is good for them. I think both sides of the gender coin deserve more. A lot more.


Uptown Girl said...

for the first half of the commercial I was so impressed with her... only to be sorely disappointed. Sad!

I'm the first to admit that I like a man in a suit, but serio?? Love you are 100% right. If we as women don't think and act like we're worth more, men def won't treat us the way we deserve.

preach it sister.

Liza said...

This is such a quintessential depiction of "US" nowadays. US meaning WOMEN. She is totally an AVERAGE woman right!? After all, she is a strong confident woman who Knows what she wants right>? She is just like a man and is just looking to GET HERS! right?? that's how we as women really feel deep down right>?? we are looking to "have a good time" ..especially with some idiot who cant even remember our name! I just think it is so sad an DISAPPOINTING that women hide behind that facade and refuse to be offended by something like this. Bc if we have needs, (real needs) and want more out of a man than a one-night-stand we are labeled "weak" "needy": "prude" "old fashioned" ETC ETC. It's almost laughable... the feminist movement was to make men realize that we were more than sex objects - we have brains, talents, dignity... BUT somehow along the line we have told them that we are still mainly just that.. Seriously, WOMEN - we can do better.

Anna Rose Liesemeyer said...

I agree with you ladies.
I am a sucker for a suit. HOWEVER, this commercial disgusts me. Come on she just threw her seemingly strong and confident demeanor out the window!