Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyone loves a find

doo dah doo.. you're welcome in advance. Just to prove that I too can find fun fashion for you gals... (ahem)..

here we have a former thrifter extraordinaire turned web guru.. bringing the fun of random finds to the web. whether its a vintage tee from the local thrift store, or an up and coming designer found at a trade show... Mod Cloth scours the globe for fun finds so we don't have to.

Now since this is My first attempt at sharing little fashion secrets with you I can't divulge everything all at once. But here we have a TREASURE trove of fun.. I am almost sorry to let this secret go because once this cat is out of the bag.. not many fun finds will compare.

I give you Shop Style. Here you can pull all sorts of items from different designers/brands/price ranges etc and mix and match. You can create your own looks and share them with other lovers of fashion. for example, here is a look I made over the summer called "Easy Weekend Bag":
Free People at ShopStyle

Now just because I love you gals so much - I am also sharing with you some of my personal FAVE finds...that I like to drool over and pretend that I can afford whenever I feel like it. As you can see I have a little addiction for jewelry more than anything else... doo dah dooooo... enjoy

The End ... Now stop salivating and get back to work!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

yum. Modcloth got top ten young entrepreneurs award 2009. It rocks!

Alexis Blake said...
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Alexis Blake said...

Oops, I thought that was another site. YOU did find this hahahah. Love it though, good find :-)