Monday, October 12, 2009

Future OWN IT women??

Happy Monday Ladies:)
I just wanted to share with you something I witnessed and was a part of yesterday...
My sister Maria runs a program here called Challenge Club. Its a national program that helps girls "grow in virtue, friendship, and their Catholic faith." We were a part of this when we were younger and that is why we are so passionate about sharing it here in little Beloit. It did amazing things for our faith.

Yesterday, I organized a service project for the girls to visit the homebound parishioners of their church. The response was AMAZING. These girls ages 5th-12th were so excited to share their joy, energy, and enthusiasm with some elderly in the community who rarely get to leave their home. I took a few of the girls to visit Tom and Eloise a couple who were in Long Term Care at the Hospital. They were overjoyed with our visit. They rarely see their three grown children. Eloise was in a fancy nightgown and she said her daughters birthday was today and she was coming to celebrate by bringing her "special soup"-too cute! When we asked to say the rosary with them she asked us to "pray that they could get well enough to return home....I never give up hope!" I looked at the Challenge Girls I brought with me and they literally had the joy of Christ in their hearts in that moment and I was moved to tears. These little ladies are the future women who will OWN their femininity and ability to love all they encounter with faith and hope in their hearts. 


Liza said...

That's awesome Anna!!

Uptown Girl said...

Thanks for sharing that Anna. Its amazing how teenage girls can be so loving and kind when they have someone to nurture that in them.... and other teenage girls can be so horrible and catty! I would never want to go back to my teens.
Say hi to Maria for me (i remember her from freshman year), I didn't know you lived near each other, that is great!