Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Time

When I first launched Own it I had a lot of ideas.
I had a lot of convictions that I wanted to set in motion; convictions to change the world. I had dreams of a world where women of all ages knew their worth. A world where children didn’t learn about oral sex in grade school. In this perfect world young girls would be raised to be virtuous, by men and women who themselves were virtuous. Everyone would OWN IT.

I wanted our world to stop the lies. I wanted to show young girls that they don’t have to put out to stand out. I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with other amazing women, so we could inspire each other to not only own it in our daily lives, but to think of ways to spread these positive messages across our social networks, our communities, our world.

It was about 2 years ago at a backyard party in NJ when I spoke with Mary, Therese & Kathleen about these ideals. They immediately reciprocated these convictions and we talked for
hours. We talked about injustices in the world of sex and dating, about the lies we are told from youth, about the travesty of men these days. We agreed that the goal should be to educate, motivate & empower women. We didn’t know how but we certainly knew why. Then I set out to make a Blog just to have a starting point. Yes this simple old blog about owning it. A place where women of like minds could converse, share and support one another.

And that is where we are today.

The time has come where I have realized this is not enough. Not by a long shot.
I still have those same dreams I told you about above – but now they consume me in a way that I can no longer ignore. The time has come to tackle this thing called life – one cause at a time – and make a difference. I’m not talking blog a little with your gal pals difference. I’m talking BIG.

“If we don't change our direction we're likely to end up where we're headed.”

I’m afraid to think of where we could be headed. Just some stats that may keep rising and rising: Divorce rates/std rates/abortion rates/Avg.sexual partners per lifetime/…Broken Hearts

I went to a fascinating talk tonight by Dr. Claire J. Gaudiani called “Social Entrepreneurship in America: Women’s Work Since 1780”. It would take hours to fully delve into everything this talk was about – but what I can tell you is this. I am just one person with ideas. You are another person with ideas. Together we can call upon other people with ideas and so on. Gloria Steinem was one person with an idea – that generated a lot of opinions/ideas/support from like minded people. Together she and other feminists changed our country significantly. We have jobs because of them. We are treated equally in the work place, we have the option to stay home, work or even do both because of women like them who demanded change.

Unfortunately for us & for our little sisters.. they took it too far. In their fight to make us equal they tried to make us the same. But we are NOT the same. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” -Aristotle

Women have made it permissible for men to disrespect us. Women have made it ok for men to treat us like men. Women have tried to become like men - denying emotion, heart, dignity, purity etc etc. Somehow in the fight to gain recognition as equals in the work place- we sold our gender short... Way short.

We need to change the direction our society is headed for the sake of our daughters. I want my daughters to have the option to work, to stay at home, to do whatever they want!! BUT I also want my daughters to live in a world that celebrates the beauty and the uniqueness of women. Not a world that squashes true femininity as weakness or prudeness. I want them to grow up seeing strong women, professional/capable women, who are also virtuous women. When did it become Uncool to have dignity?

There is no plan here.. no steps I have ready to lead you.. I need You to help me formulate them. I need your ideas, your skills, your talents.. to help us formulate a goal – a plan – an agenda – a movement. For those of you who don’t want to share on the blog with your ideas – email me.
Until next time – Own it ☺


Alexis Blake said...

Fantastic. Even if I don't agree with every single point, I am 100% with you. We are all entitled to choices, and overall you SO right!! LOVE YOU, and I love that my bff is SO smart. xo

Uptown Girl said...

bring it on. i love your mission Liza and want to help but really never know what to do... lead us!

Ann-tidote said...

wait..this is liza right? not clare? i was confused by anna's comment...
at any rate---if you said "who's with me?!" at the end of that i would have said "me! me! me!"

Liza said...

Yes that was me - I think Anna meant to comment on my previous post about welcoming Clare:P

Ok for starters, fwd the post to your friends to get more women thinking the same thoughts. This is common sense and I think every woman wants this (no matter their race,religion,age).

I am already thinking of ideas And will be intouch with more info. ALL IDEAS are welcome/needed. Please think and please share.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

okay I left my comment on the wrong one...oops. For THIS post...LIZE- you have always inspired me with your passion and desire to fight for womanhood. I am behind you 100%. Will be thinking of ideas.

I think you could collaborate with Rose. Media is key.

Jenny May said...

It's refreshing to see your passion Liza...and inspiring as well!

Let us know how we can help in any way. I signed up to be a Big Sister to an underprivileged child this week and I remember thinking to myself, there's a whole lot more giving that I should be doing and a whole lot of people that live too selfishly...imagine if every single person in the world made it a point to give, little or small-just tried to make a difference. I can see how strongly you want to help/give/change the world.

:-) T-shirts...I'm thinking T-shirts to start, hehe. JK

I will ponder over ideas too. We'll have to have a Skype session to get an idea of what you're thinking...

Love you!!!

Mary T. said...

The time is now!!! We can always say tommorrow i'll do it, tommorrow i'll spread it but really why not now! Liz you are so inspiring and this is something that has seemed to be on all of our hearts for so long. As i have been thinking about this and what it WILL come to be i have come to realize we really dont know but one thing i do know is that It starts with me, you, all of us individually.... We can make a difference just by saying no to the norm and living life "abnormally" in the worlds eyes! I know i am ready and i know the world has been more then ready!!! So today i start with myself and who even knows what tommorrow will bring : ) love to you all and thank you for your inspirations!!!

angcopp said...

Liza & co., Great mission!
We each lead by example. Let's trend away from blaming other women for the injustices we collectively suffer and focus on our areas of commonality. Each choice we make can be a personal and communal step forward.
The SYMS commercial post by Lovey is ironic/funny/scary/ridiculous all in one - I think this clip is more about the marketing... "you can wear one of our amazing suits, be a complete jerk and still get what you want". Really people? It's NOT that amazing of a suit, we all know that, but it's sad b/c the message subtly affects many men and their expectations.
While I'm confident there are many issues/things we disagree on, I hope your blog will focus on what we have in common as self respecting, successful, talented women in this city. I look forward to hearing more!

john paul II center for women said...

Beautiflly written Liza! I'm with ya! said...

Awesome! 100% with you! Beautifully written! Let me know what I need to do to help pass this message along.

Seriously Why Can't I? said...

Wow, you definitely hit the nail on the head, this is a brillant statement - the women in your family must be so proud. And as a mother of two little girls (9 and 6), I couldn't agree with you more. I used to think that if I could just teach my girls high self-esteem that would cover it. But now I realize it doesn't stop there, there are also traits like empowerment, and owning it, and I am totally onboard. I may not have a big audience but I have a loud mouth and I am willing and able to spread the word.