Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Music to Love

Maybe you are already in the know about this band Vedera ?

I just happened upon them yesterday - and am hooked! Give them a listen. There new album is called Stages.

The lead singer Kristen May has an awesome voice...and the music reminds me of a hint of Taylor, a cup of Ingrid, splash of Regina and a sprinkle of Paramore. You're Welcome.


Anna Liesemeyer said...

yes just discovered them. love their music!

Tracy said...

Okay so it may have taken me all day to figure out how to post a comment on your amazing takes us "slightly" older sisters a little longer to OWN IT I guess...or maybe just to be able to READ IT. Love your blog, your friends, your links, etc. It's quite an inspiration to this Mom of a teenage girl. I always knew this day would come though - I feel like you are all women on the verge of something BIG! Thanks for the music reference - you know how I love discovering new artists. If you want to sample some good new christian stuff try Meredith Andrews she's awesome. Love you girl...Aunt Tracy