Friday, December 18, 2009


The wait is OVER!!!!!!

Today is Uptown Girl's Birthday - We can FINALLY celebrate! 

I can finally shower her with gifts and Someecards!

Sorry your birthday is overshadowed by the holiday season

Every year - her birthday falls one week before JC's Bday!! 
Coincidence? I think NOT.

This year - We have 3 celebrations planned.. all very VIP of course. We'll start tonight with Alice's Tea Cup (our traditional Bday Spot). We'll sip tea & champagne, munch on yummy scones and proudly wear our WINGS all the while.

Time will tell what else this weekend holds in store for Uptown Girl - that fabulous creature!!.. Be sure to send her your Birthday wishes.. and feel free to drop by anytime this weekend to the Upper East-side of course, where all the festivities will be held. 

This has got to be one of my all time FAVORITE Holidays!!

SO HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY UPTOWN GIRL - & Thank you for bringing SUCH joy to my LIFE!!!! 


Sorry I only wished you a happy birthday in person and not on your Facebook Wall

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little Update.

So I really have been behind, but I've also been delaying posting this. Remember my last update on my case here? Well the update is that they put his DNA in the system (Codis) and there is no match. He's still out there, still free. The only way we'll catch him down the road is if he is brought in for something (stealing, what-have-you) and printed/etc. So, for now, I just sit. I am not waiting, though. I'm going to just let it go and hope that whenever the day comes that I do get some "news" on this character, I'm ready to hear it. Will it be when I'm driving to the grocery store with my daughters in the back seat? Or right before my wedding? Or when I'm collecting from my pension? Hmm...we'll see.

Thanks for all your prayers :) Love, Ann

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Men, put on your pants!

You've read correctly, Own It women want a man who wears pants and wears them well! But not literally, I mean in the figurative sense. We all agree that a man who is secure in himself and his manliness - basically who is owning it- is pretty darn attractive, right? Well unfortunately, over the years the lines have been blurred and understandings made unclear, which has resulted in ALL of us being somewhat confused about what it means for a man to "wear the pants" in society, work and relationships. And as much as we want women to be treated with equality, dignity and respect, we do NOT want it to happen as a result of taking those same courtesies away from men. But have no fear! It appears the tides may be changing and men are seeking the due respect and masculine recognition they so rightly deserve and need. Men are being encouraged to start wearing the pants again! Check out the new ad Campaign for Dockers here.

Pretty cool, huh? Remember that time? Or did our generation of men and women ever have that time? When men could really own their rugged, burly, non-plastic fork using, anti-salad red meat eating masculinity? I sure dont- the recollection is fuzzy and I'm psyched that Dockers is trying to bring it back. So support the ad AND your man owning his MANifesto! And you can start by letting the Daily News know its NOT sexist. Yep, they're trying to bash it already and the campaign has barely even started. Tell 'em in their poll on the right side of the article whatcha think and Own It for the true men in your life ladies!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I am sure most of you by now have heard of the NieNie dialogues.
If not, read this story, and you will know what I mean by INSPIRATION.
This woman continues to own it despite incredible tragedy.

xoxo Anna