Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little Update.

So I really have been behind, but I've also been delaying posting this. Remember my last update on my case here? Well the update is that they put his DNA in the system (Codis) and there is no match. He's still out there, still free. The only way we'll catch him down the road is if he is brought in for something (stealing, what-have-you) and printed/etc. So, for now, I just sit. I am not waiting, though. I'm going to just let it go and hope that whenever the day comes that I do get some "news" on this character, I'm ready to hear it. Will it be when I'm driving to the grocery store with my daughters in the back seat? Or right before my wedding? Or when I'm collecting from my pension? Hmm...we'll see.

Thanks for all your prayers :) Love, Ann


Uptown Girl said...

Rat bastard. i hope he gets caught stat... saying a prayer for that now.
keep owning it and living your life. Hurrah for you!

Liza said...

LOVE YOU ANN!!!!!!! Stay strong - You are such an example to so many ppl!