Friday, December 18, 2009


The wait is OVER!!!!!!

Today is Uptown Girl's Birthday - We can FINALLY celebrate! 

I can finally shower her with gifts and Someecards!

Sorry your birthday is overshadowed by the holiday season

Every year - her birthday falls one week before JC's Bday!! 
Coincidence? I think NOT.

This year - We have 3 celebrations planned.. all very VIP of course. We'll start tonight with Alice's Tea Cup (our traditional Bday Spot). We'll sip tea & champagne, munch on yummy scones and proudly wear our WINGS all the while.

Time will tell what else this weekend holds in store for Uptown Girl - that fabulous creature!!.. Be sure to send her your Birthday wishes.. and feel free to drop by anytime this weekend to the Upper East-side of course, where all the festivities will be held. 

This has got to be one of my all time FAVORITE Holidays!!

SO HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY UPTOWN GIRL - & Thank you for bringing SUCH joy to my LIFE!!!! 


Sorry I only wished you a happy birthday in person and not on your Facebook Wall


Alexis Blake said...

Ugh, wish I could join the festivities at Alice's. Eat a scone for me girls. XOXO happy happy birthday *Uptown Girl*.

Ann-tidote said...

AHAHAHAH Happy birthday Uptown Girl ;) You are fabulous!

JMay said...

Happy Birthday Maria!!!

Have so much fun celebrating! :-)


Uptown Girl said...

thanks so much!!! It was a blizzardy blast!