Sunday, January 24, 2010

In memory of Molly

I really am at a loss for words- tears are streaming down my face as I read of this "normal" college grad- Molly-a girl who wanted to serve the poor by doing a year of service in Haiti before starting grad school for Special Ed- She talks of missing grande peppermint mocha frappachinos... and taking the GRE- I can relate to her so much! My heart goes out to her family-oh the loss they grieve- but what a HERO! May we learn from Molly and may our lives be a response to the cries of our fellow men. Her life was changed by those she served- she gave her all- and literally laid down her life for a friend.


Liza said...

Therese thanks for sharing this. This story is so tragic, yet she is is inspiring through it all. She was an amazing example of love, and of a phenomenal woman.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

wow. unbelievable.