Friday, January 29, 2010

Women for Women

So as i sat and read my People magazine this past week, one of the most recently "buzzed about" stories caught my attention.......

My Heart completely broke for her. She is 23 years old and she went through 10 plastic surgeries at the same time, to make herself feel beautiful and what does she say at the end "this is only the beginning of them". In the interview she goes on to say how Sex sells and the industry she is in is superficial and looks matter. We all knew this already but for me hearing those words actually come out of this girls mouth hit in a new way. It really struck me that this is the generation of women that are being raised up now...that is all they know or hear. We have a constant nagging at us to stay up with this "Beauty" that they promote.

Then just a few days ago i came across these pictures....

To me each one of these women posses such a unique power and beauty. They have not been tainted by the standards of beauty we are use to being judged by. But as i looked at each one of them they struck me as some of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. One of my girl friends recently introduced me to this website Women for Women ( )It is AMAZING and such a great mission. I wanted to share it with you all so we could continue to help the dignity of women around the world grow!!!


Liza said...

Ugh Heidi Montag - i just dont get it.. she was so much prettier before! This is obviously an extreme example of not Owning it.. but look how much damage we can do to ourselves when we don't see ourselves as we are..instead we believe the lies in our head and choose to see ourselves as never good enough. I for one don't wanna live like that.

Thanks for sharing the link about women for women - checking it out now!

JMay said...

My heart breaks for her as well, she is obviously so lost.

LOVED that website though!

Such a great cause!

Uptown Girl said...

so icky! It rly is sad that someone would do that - esp when she was already so pretty!

thanks for sharing the pics of women with true beauty Mary... ps, when are you coming back?

Anna Liesemeyer said...

she has a disease-self obsession. Its really easy to catch in Hollywood.
Thanks for the inspiration Mary. I LOVE the website.