Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Motivational thoughts...

Finally, I found something that I thought was worthy to share and post! Since the past few topics here on Own It have been about inspirations and motivating yourself... This quote always cheers me up and sets me straight. Enjoy! :-)

"Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side as long as you are true to the best that is in you!"

-Christian D. Larson

Adopting in Haiti

Sorry for my lack of posting ladies! Mainly because I now post on four different blogs with different email accounts involved and it gets crazy! But I get so much inspiration from each of you so I want to make up for it:) 
Here's a story you will love...

Michelle is a friend of mine from GA(I met her through Christina McShane). Her and her husband run LifeTeen at Covecrest. PLUS they have FOUR beautiful children. When they found about about two siblings orphaned from the earthquake in Haiti they felt the call to respond. After much prayer, they are in the adoption process. PLEASE read more here, and join the group to support them in this journey. I am telling you the story is amazing....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiration is contagious - catch the Bug

Sometimes I inspire someone without knowing it..and then THEY inspire me in return.  What a FABulous cycle.

Tonight I read My friend John's Blog - he mentioned that I had inspired him, and yet in his post HE inspired me. and I loved what he raw & so is a little exerpt:

"...its not that i have quit anything, its that i suddenly stopped doing the things i need to do to be successful.  my eating and workouts, my finances, my job (am in a job situation where i need to find a new job since people are being let go) that U2 song says, 'sometimes we're stuck in a moment we can't get out of'
so i'm tired of feeling this way, not sleeping well to start, had a bout with kidney stones and honestly am kind of not motivated lately.  i keep hearing that phrase, 

don't wait to get motivated to act on something, but act on something in ORDER to get motivated.  
and so that is what i am doing.  when you're unhappy with your life its hard to write funny, witty and cheerful things day in and day out in a blog - yes my goal was to write that.  but that is not very honest.  i'm actually not very happy with the current quality of my life, the direction of my job, the condition of my health, the place where i am in my finances, my poor poor sleeping patterns and also my gf has mentioned i've been a bit irritable lately.  so to her i apologize.  but more so then that.  i need to act on my life and take ownership of what i need to do.  sometimes i'll make a promise to someone and not always follow through and i realize i tend to do the same to myself."

Way to put it out there John. Way to own your situation, and what you need to do to make it better.
We cant change anything in our lives until we decide that something needs to change. And we start making little choices EVERY day to help ourselves.  We have to create the life we want...nobody else will do it for us.

Share your stories people.. put them out there. Be REAL with each other.  true inspiration comes from true vulnerability.  the human struggle is one shared by every race, gender & age.. When you find moments of motivation and strength never keep silent. You never know who needs to hear your inspiring thoughts.

Her Facebook status changed to "single?" Ur dumped

read & react...
LONDON (Reuters) – Digital dumping is on the rise, according to a survey, with growing numbers of people preferring to use email and social networking Web sites to break up with their partners.

Over one third of 2,000 people polled (34 percent) said they had ended a relationship by email, 13 percent had changed their status on Facebook without telling their partners and six percent had released the news unilaterally on Twitter.

By contrast, only two percent had broken up via a mobile phone text.
The rest had split up the old-fashioned way by face-to-face conversation (38 percent) and by telephone (eight percent).

"Digital Dumping will soon take over when it comes to ending a relationship," said Sean Wood, Marketing Manager for DateTheUk dating service for whom the survey was carried out.

"It's often easier, quicker and avoids any misunderstandings."

Friday, February 19, 2010

For All My Single Ladies

OWN it!

How I Know My Diet is Working (Without a Scale)

First & Foremost: By "diet" I do NOT mean -South Beach/Atkins/Zone/BeachBody etc etc etc. No thank you. Dieting the old fashioned way is just not for me. I don't live in a box, and I don't follow rules very well either.  I enjoy freedom after-all.  When I refer to MY "diet" I am simply referring to the way I habitually eat & drink. 

Ok Ok now that we have that cleared up, I have some great news to share.  In a recent issue of Self Magazine (which I love to read)... Carrie Underwood noted that what helps her stay on track is "Relishing" in her success! When she is doing well & seeing results she ENJOYS it & celebrates it!! I decided to heed her advice..since HELLO look at her - she clearly knows what she is doing! 

So here is my news:  I am losing weight/getting FIT & feeling better than ever!! - no not "I am going to lose weight" (aka starting now).. or "I lost weight" (hence I am done).

Ever since I read the book "Naturally Thin" - which I told you about back in the summer (see Here) My mind has significantly changed in the way I look at and approach Food. And Just Recently I decided - I can do whatever I set my mind to.. If  I WANT to be healthier, more active, more fit & perhaps a little slimmer.. then I CAN DO IT...little by changing some basic habits & making better choices everyday.  Remember this Quote??
“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”

Therefore little by Little I have been trying to eat BETTER & Less, BUT With TOTAL control about what I eat & with ZERO Guilt about anything I do. ah the freedom.

And guess what?? It's working!! (here is where I RELISH in my success) I can't tell you I have lost 'X' amount of LBs..and frankly I don't care.. What matters is how I FEEL in my clothes & what I see happening!

Finally, I will share with You HOW I Know My Diet is Working (Without a Scale):
  •  I can fit into "fresh out of the drier" Jeans..with little to no effort.
  • My friends have noticed my slimmer physique & have been motivated to eat better too.
  • Between Meals I get this Feeling called "hunger" (which I never really got before) :)
  • When deciding on an outfit I have SO many more options to choose from because I feel GOOD when I look in the Mirror.
  • I have Much more Energy, and don't feel as Sluggish & lazy  as I normally do!
And My FAVORITE reason I KNOW my diet is working:

Last weekend I wore a snug fitting shirt out to meet my Boyfriend & friends.. and my guy said "Wow, you look great babe! Are you wearing those Spanx Things?

ah....victory is mine.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Questions to Ask After 'I Will' but Before 'I Do'

by Jeff D. Opdyke
Provided by:

All over the country on Valentine's Day, men were down on bended knee proposing marriage. They spoke of love and affection and devotion. Few, however, mentioned what really matters: money.
Crass, maybe. But true nonetheless.

When you think about it, couples don't fight over love. They fight over money. They fight because one person didn't balance the checkbook or made a bone-headed investment without consulting the other. They fight because one partner exerts dictatorial control over the money, or because one has secretly amassed thousands of dollars in debt on a credit card, imperiling the couple's finances.
Whether the issues are big or small, money will prove a powerful force impacting your marriage -- sometimes overtly in the form of routine arguments; sometimes quietly as animosities seethe beneath the surface for years, only to explode into a potentially marriage-ending supernova.

What couples don't always grasp is that money is rarely the real culprit. It's the lack of communication, often stemming from a lack of knowledge about each other's personal financial quirks and beliefs.
So, some time between "Yes, I will marry you," and "I do," you and your partner need to have The Money Talk -- the key questions all couples should ask of one another.

 Here are four of the more important questions to ask each other, since they provide insight and information on how money will flow through your marriage.

1. What Are Your Assets and Liabilities?
This question is paramount because assets and liabilities are the basic building blocks of the financial life you'll live together. Assets (banks accounts, investments, retirement plans and a house) help you strive for the life you want. The liabilities (a mortgage, credit-card debt, auto loans and leases) will hold you back.
Your goal is to pinpoint where you are financially as a couple so that you can map out where you want to go together. That could mean determining how much you want to save each month for retirement, or how much you want to put into an account for a new house, a new car or an annual vacation.
It also could mean talking about how you each use debt and the amount of debt you each have -- and mapping out a plan to pay off as quickly as possible the combined debt you will have as a family.
The best way to approach this: Present each other with a copy of your net-worth statement, a simple list of all your assets and liabilities. And voice no judgments. Mocking a partner's choices will simply lead to future silence.

 2. What Is Your Money History?
What you experienced financially as a child -- how your parents managed their bills, how they talked or yelled about money, what they taught you about saving and spending -- has shaped who you are today.
Problems arise in marriage because partners don't always see money from the same perspective. You might abhor debt for anything other than a mortgage, yet your spouse-to-be thinks nothing of putting lunch, groceries and the afternoon Slurpee on a credit card, and then paying the minimum each month and allowing the balance to roll over.

In talking to one another about how you each see money, you will begin to understand one another's money habits. That, in turn, will help you find a common approach for managing money successfully as a couple.
Neither of you will -- nor should -- get your way completely. Marriage is about compromise. A better understanding early on of how you each see and use money will give you the tools to find a middle ground you're each happy with when financial discord arises.

3. How Should We Divide Financial Duties?
In many marriages, one partner exerts financial dominance over the other, leaving the silenced partner anxious and angry. Other times, one partner shirks financial duties because of disinterest, leaving the other to shoulder the burden. Neither is fair.
Couples should determine how to divvy up the various financial obligations that exist. Maybe one takes charge of investing and the other balances the checkbook. Play to each other's strengths. If you're good at challenging bureaucracy, maybe you agree to handle the insurance companies and the medical bills.
The point is that you both have an obligation to the family's financial well-being, and both spouses need to be aware of the household's financial situation.
If one partner wants to opt out of the daily financial minutiae, that's fine, so long as the other spouse is OK with handling the full obligation. But even then, you need to remain aware of what's going on with the finances so there are no unsavory surprises.

4. Do We Combine Accounts or Operate Individually?
This is a divisive issue. Many financial pros argue that operating from individual accounts helps maintain marital peace. Since neither partner knows what happens in the other's account, there's no bickering.
Maybe. But it's far from perfect. Resentments can emerge if one partner is better at saving and always has money for larger, more meaningful purchases. Moreover, individual accounts mask the family's true financial position, which can hamper the main purpose of marriage: operating as a team.
If neither of you know how much money is really flowing through the individual accounts, nor how much is being saved and invested, then it's impossible to plan a future together.
That doesn't mean individual accounts can't work. They can. But they require a large degree of openness so that you can both work toward common goals.

Ultimately, all of these questions are about one thing: communication. Learn to talk about money early and often, and you can mitigate the financial tensions that are normal in all marriages.


Friday, February 12, 2010

love Love LOVE

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I would reflect a little on LOVE & Relationships.

Love is the hardest, most complex concept of all.  Real love is selfless.  Real love is Scary! Real love is the most amazing gift of all time... but it takes work to achieve.

I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing guy to share my love with. He challenges me, supports me, loves me through & through..
AND above all He Makes me SMILE ALL the friggin time! 
Here is a little glimpse of this amazing man.  I left his shades on to protect his identity! ... Jk -I just like them

OK so regarding LOVE
As I said above, it can be scary and complex.  Even when you have found the one person you KNOW you are meant to be with - Love can stretch you to new limits.. can challenge your pride.. and can ask you to risk it all. That is why so many people say "I learned a lot about myself in that relationship". Being in a relationship is work.

BUT - if you can find someone who will DO the work with you - who is willing to change themselves for the better, challenge you to do the same, support you when you fall down, and love you NO matter what -  - - then the work becomes a Gift - and the Love becomes something so much deeper and more fulfilling than you ever thought possible.

This song: "Without Love"  really says it all.  This song reminds me daily to love, to endure & to give of myself (even when it means being vulnerable to heartache)- because I know that at the end of the day - that is what LOVE is.. and that "work" & risk involved with being in LOVE..will continue to lead me deeper into the greatest love I have ever known.

Written & sung bye Grace Ellen (a friend from college & an amazing example of Owning It)..This song is the perfect way to kick off Valentine's Day Weekend.  



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buckle Up PSA

This is a low-budget Public Service Announcement from the UK..sent to me by my BF (who finds the best videos b4 anyone else I know). It is generating quite a buzz..

 I found it to be brilliant, creative & very powerful. Just watch.

Monday, February 8, 2010


BIG ones. little ones. hard ones. easy ones. medium-sized-don't seem so important at the time ones. Choices are everywhere.

Every choice we make molds our mood, our day, our life.

Sometimes the choice is clear. Sometimes it is all so grey.  When the right answer comes along sometimes the choice you make will stretch you to a new point of growth..and can be extremely difficult to do. Choices can be easy to make but hard to act on.

From eating to drinking - to loving to hating - to being happy to being sad.  little to big - the choices we make define the life we will lead - the person we will be - the relationships we will have or lose.


“Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself." -Robert F. Bennett

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

food for thought

Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people.
-Eleanor Roosevelt