Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiration is contagious - catch the Bug

Sometimes I inspire someone without knowing it..and then THEY inspire me in return.  What a FABulous cycle.

Tonight I read My friend John's Blog - he mentioned that I had inspired him, and yet in his post HE inspired me. and I loved what he wrote..so raw & so honest..here is a little exerpt:

"...its not that i have quit anything, its that i suddenly stopped doing the things i need to do to be successful.  my eating and workouts, my finances, my job (am in a job situation where i need to find a new job since people are being let go)...like that U2 song says, 'sometimes we're stuck in a moment we can't get out of'
so i'm tired of feeling this way, not sleeping well to start, had a bout with kidney stones and honestly am kind of not motivated lately.  i keep hearing that phrase, 

don't wait to get motivated to act on something, but act on something in ORDER to get motivated.  
and so that is what i am doing.  when you're unhappy with your life its hard to write funny, witty and cheerful things day in and day out in a blog - yes my goal was to write that.  but that is not very honest.  i'm actually not very happy with the current quality of my life, the direction of my job, the condition of my health, the place where i am in my finances, my poor poor sleeping patterns and also my gf has mentioned i've been a bit irritable lately.  so to her i apologize.  but more so then that.  i need to act on my life and take ownership of what i need to do.  sometimes i'll make a promise to someone and not always follow through and i realize i tend to do the same to myself."

Way to put it out there John. Way to own your situation, and what you need to do to make it better.
We cant change anything in our lives until we decide that something needs to change. And we start making little choices EVERY day to help ourselves.  We have to create the life we want...nobody else will do it for us.

Share your stories people.. put them out there. Be REAL with each other.  true inspiration comes from true vulnerability.  the human struggle is one shared by every race, gender & age.. When you find moments of motivation and strength never keep silent. You never know who needs to hear your inspiring thoughts.


City John said...

Thank you and i do feel honored to be part of a post..actually to be The post i did a double take when i realized "moi, i inspired someone?". have to admit, since i started following the "own it" credo (2010 - the year of owning it!) it has made huge differences in my life. and when i stopped, i also noticed it. hence, keep owning it, little by little, constantly and daily. and own each and every little bit of success. like tonight, after i worked out with my trainer, i felt every bit of my 37 years of age, yet i smiled (and limped) on the way home - because i didn't just go home and watch t.v. and do nothing. :)

Uptown Girl said...

woah 2 posts in 1 day Liza!!

Very inspirational words- between you and City John I think I can come to your blogs for cognitive behavioral therapy and dump my therapist.
Good deal.

City John said...

and...as a fellow UE-sider and friend of mine, i won't charge you and am on any and most insurance plans :) (although as a thank you feel free to throw in a few witty comments on my bloggy blog)