Thursday, March 18, 2010


This video says it all. Be conscious of what society is telling us and recognize your beauty just the way you are!


Liza said...

Thanks for posting Molls! I know I have seen this video b4 - maybe here on own it.. but it is SO worth watching again & passing on. THIS EXEMPLIFIES the PROBLEM. Our culture shoves these messages down our throats - and especially to young girls these days. We have to find ways to show them that these are Lies - and show them another message.

Uptown Girl said...

It's weird just thinking about how I've been influenced by these crazy messages in my own life. Do I even remember a time when I was like that little girl and didn't have weight or beauty on my mind?

As much as I try to own it, I can't help wanting to look like some of those images OR even wonder about diet pills, etc. I'm def a sucker for a good infommercial!

Thanks for posting/re-posting this Molly!