Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Get To Marry Him!!!!!

YES - you heard correctly: I Am Engaged!!!

I couldn't be more BLESSED to have found him..The Love of My LIFE: Leyland

He proposed in Central Park as we were strolling through on a perfect Saturday afternoon.  We had gone to brunch earlier, then popped into the MET for a couple of hours. Afterwards, he suggested we walk through the park since it looks so gorgeous right after it snows. 
 Leyland had his laptop bag with him that day, and had told me he might have to go into work later on. Turns out there was a blanket in there NOT a computer.  He put the blanket down on some benches (covered in snow) and we sat down.  He then gave me a Book titled "100 Reasons That I Love You" written & printed by HIM.  

As I read through the book, I couldn't believe what was happening - and I was anxious to get to the end - but there were literally 100 pages!! Pages filled with inside jokes, sweet sentiments, and incredible words letting me know just HOW much he loved me. When I finished the last page, I looked up to see him kneeling on one knee in the snow staring up at me with his big green eyes. He said "Will you Marry me???" with the biggest smile on his face.  I replied: "For Real!???" I literally couldn't believe what was happening.  The next thing I knew he pulled out the ring & it took my breath away...

After that we went back to my apartment - where my roomies had set up dozens of bouquets of roses, candles & champagne - My Sister even had Our Song playing when we walked in!!  There were clothes laid out for us in my room & we got all fancied up to go downtown to Alta (where we had our very first real date).

When we walked in I was Floored to see my FAMILY & friends all there waiting to congratulate us!!! This moment was truly incredible.  I had always pictured getting engaged and being able to celebrate with my family right after - but never told him that.  The fact that he planned it all for me.. down to the last detail - exactly how I always imagined - meant the WORLD.

The rest of the night was fantastic!! We went out in the village for some NYC dancing and partied the night away with friends...
Well there you have it. Our engagement story. The most unforgettable day! I am blown away everyday by him - and am certainly counting my MANY Blessings.

This is me.. on Cloud 9.. my new home. I plan to stay here for awhile. And I plan on Owning it daily. xoxo


JMay said...

I had a big smile on my face the entire time reading that :-) Even though I heard the story before, it never gets old :-)

Liza, I'm so incredibly happy for you & this special time in your life. (Although you know I knew it was coming with my psychic powers that day ;-) )

I cannot wait to meet Leyland & I can't believe I haven't yet!!!
Looking forward to having you be a part of my special day in less than 3 months, um crazy!?
You look so beautiful in all of these pictures- you are just glowing! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Love you!
Boom Boom

Uptown Girl said...

ditto what Jenny said...
"I had a big smile on my face the entire time reading that :-) Even though I heard the story before, it never gets old :-) "

It was an honor to be there to celebrate your love that day and I look fwd to the day you make it even more official!!

City John said...

have to admit, i'm probably a big ol' mush, but i swear, this story chokes me up every time, whether i hear it or read it - its like i can't help it. congrats. i'm very proud to call the two of you my friends...

Anna Liesemeyer said...

This made me so happy! I can see the glow through the screen!

I knew this day would come because God could only have nothing short of amazing plans for you, but I still can't believe it! ahhh!
love you so much,

KT said...


The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

i love it! i was so excited to be a part of your evening!!!!!!

Alexis Blake said...

Everything about this story is beautiful. So glad I could be there to celebrate!! Many more beautiful memories to be made. xoxo

Mary T. said...

I Just SMILE thinking about you two spending forever together : ) So happy for you and it just shows that when you trust and are patient the good things come!! Love you both lots!!!