Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If it's FREE - It's For Me!!

Well hello there ladies.. (and gentlemen too)..
Who doesn't love ice cream??.. And furthermore who doesn't love FREE ice cream!!?!?!?

"Free" & "Ice Cream" are 2 of my FAVORITE things in the world!! Well lucky me - bc today at Ben & Jerry's (yum) Nationwide - it is FREE CONE DAY!!!!!!
That's right - from 12 PM - 8 PM TODAY we can stop in and get a free treat from our fave ice cream stop.

Personally I am head over Heeeels for their "Sweet Cream & Cookies" Flavor- maybe it sounds simple and not as exciting as some of their other creations.. but it is PERFECTION. Today is just one of those days that dieting and calories simply must fall to the bottom of my priorities list.. it is practically a National Holiday after all.  What is YOUR favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor? For a whole list of options go here!



Uptown Girl said...

oh how I love me some Chocolate Therapy. mmm mmm mmm. mmm.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

if only there were one remotely close....sigh.

oh well I can get one for a dollar at the soda fountain down the road...yes I love in Mayberry