Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our very own BRIDE to BE!!!!

Can I just give a SHOUT out to our own "Own It" founder who is getting married!! And request that Ms. Liza share ALL the details with us who haven't heard them yet! I'm dying to know how your man did it! I am sooo excited for you and want to take a moment and celebrate, you, Liza, and this beautiful and exciting new adventure unfolding in your life!


Liza said...

You are SO sweet Rose!!! :)

The past couple days have been a blur!! I haven't gotten to even SPEAK with MOST my BESTEST friends.. its redic!!!! work has been insane plus I've been sick.. so I havent really had a moment to digest it all! I PROMISE a post is coming..calls..emails.. etc!!! LOVE TO EVERYONE..and cant believe how many good wishes I have received!!!! :D

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Liza.....this engagement time will be CRAZY but all you need to know is that we are all behind you and Leyland and are so happy for you!!