Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I need a Mani-Pedi Like it 's nobody's Business!!

Is it Just me..or does spending money you can't afford - to have someone esle paint your toes & nails - just make things better!?

Ever since I have been on this SUPER savings budget for our wedding (no there is no date).. I have had to SERIOUSLY cut back.. ok cut OUT my spa fixes! No more manicures on the regular - no more trips to the local cheap nail place for a $20 mani/pedi & a LONG massage to make all my stresses disappear. Nope. 

Lately I have painted my own nails - and not shown my toes to anyone. Lately I have endured neck aches, back pain & normal stress that is usually cured by these frequent trips to my favorite nail spa.  The number of massages I was getting had already decreased greatly after my favorite Masseuse, Tom, went back to Thailand... oh Tom.. oh the memories....he used to charge $10 for a "10 minute" more like 20 minute Massage of a LIFETIME.... but since he has left the country - those days are over.  And now with the money so tight, my days of Mani/Pedis are over too.... sigh......UNTIL....... wait for it......Tomorrow NIGHT!!!!!!!

Yes that's right! This weekend I am going to FL for my friends Wedding!! And HELLO there is no way I can show up in black tie attire, wearing new/fabulous open toe shoes(recently purchased from Bandolino's) without being polished! Wouldn't you agree??!?!?

Therefore I am reaching into my wallet & dishing out the well spent $20 (plus tip of course).... and treating myself to some relaxation & Polished nails!!! Any local gals are welcome to join.  You know a spa experience just isn't the same without serious gabbing...(see below)..

Let's go maniacally obsess about our lives in a soothing environment

oh & in case you were wondering how I afforded the new shoes..thank u for asking.  Well my BFF aka my sister Maria (who is on a serious mission to revamp my shoe collection pile of old shoes)..gave me new shoes from Bandolino's for Christmas, which didn't quite fit - so i got to (finally) exchange them for a HOT new pair of shoes for this upcoming wedding season! Thanks Again Uptown Girl... for trying to make over this upper-eastsider's feet - one fabulous shoe at a time.

Yay for ME!


Uptown Girl said...

"Lately I have painted my own nails - and not shown my toes to anyone."
DO i not count as a person now? Bc I have so seen your toes. And more. Just saying.

I have a work HH tomorrow nite, but maybe I can meet you after for a mani/pedi bc I too need to Expose my Toes.

The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...