Monday, April 5, 2010

Uptown Girl has Raw Ownage

I just want to give a lil SHOUT OUT to my sister/our fellow Own it Gal: Maria Aka: Uptown Girl

Serio - Do u follow her Blog?? Did you read her Post on Friday? Go HERE.

She is Amazing.  She not only talks the TALK - But she Runs The RUN!
She inspires me in So many ways... And I am SO proud of her for running the 10K on Saturday.

Maria loves to set goals & challenge herself.  Starting with her bday or new years, she likes to set new goals for the coming year & work towards something great. One of her BIG goals for this year was to run a 10K..and yowza - it is only April!  Talk about follow through.

Maria has shown - by example- over and over that we can DO anything we set our minds to. 

We can CHANGE who we are - we CAN face our fears...and no Matter what the hurdle is in front of us - we CAN overcome anything & own it. 

In the past couple of years... This Uptown Girl has relentlessly battled her insecurities -  She has overcome a lot of & major heart breaks - She has turned against her self doubt & Major people pleasing tendencies - and because of her Courage & Ferocity - She has Become this INCREDIBLE - Sassy- Authentic- Gorgeous - Athletic - Strong - Hilarious - Determined - And Inspirational Woman.  

This is what I call RAW Ownage!

I am So Proud to be her Sister & her Bestie


The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

that girl is BAD ASS if i do say so myself! I'm continuously impressed by her determination and her ability to set (and achieve!) goals! Oh, dear Uptown girl, teach me your ways.

Way to do it-live it-own it.


Uptown Girl said...

yowza! thanks Liza :)
This was the sweetest & kindest post all about me- you are the BEST!

And Ann, thanks for calling me BAD ASS. It means a lot.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

She seriously owns it and makes it look good.
Maria rocks!