Thursday, June 24, 2010


I finally got around to asking my SISTER/Bestie4Life to me my Maid of Honor!!

She knew it was coming - but I wanted to make it semi-special when I asked her so it took me a lil time.  Now that we have decided to wait until May 2011 for the wedding & have found the place we Hope will be the venue..I have more time to start breathing focusing on the fun asking Maria to be my MOH.

So I made her a photo-book to document our life together as sisters & now as besties. Believe it or not, she & I were not always this close. Oh yes there were many years of arguing, teasing & tattle-tailing. But luckily, those years are over now & we are as close as Lindsay Lohan and her ankle bracelet!
Here are some of my Fave pics from over the're welcome!

I am SO glad she said YES!!! love it.own it. xoxo


The Artisann said...

i LOVE IT! ya'll are awesome. it's the same with my sistas---we were mortal enemies until i went to college....

Alexis Blake said...

fantastic photos. love you both!! XOXO

Uptown Girl said...

yay thanks Liza!
Liza = best bride.