Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today marks 35 months of being "official" with my boyfriend, fiance, best friend, love of my life, Leyland.

It took me less than 35 seconds to fall for him, 35 minutes to be sure... & less than 35 days to tell him I loved him...(well the 2nd time around). You see we originally fell for each other at quite young ages (I was 13 he was 15) See below..

But due to strict parents & life circumstances we got separated & kept apart...we didn't see or speak to each other for 10 years after that.  But God had a plan for us & we found each other again  - a little over 3 years ago....the rest is History.

I can say in all sincerity that these have been the best 35 months of my entire life. He is my dream come true & the source of so much joy in my life. I have had more than 35 dramatic/chaotic/traumatic events in my life...and had gotten used to being in the drama - in the pain & in the chaos.  I didn't realize that life could be SO different.. that one person could come along and turn life into a vacation. Through everything - the good, the bad, the ugly..everything.. Leyland & I have only grown closer. He challenges me & helps me grow, and Leyland is always there no matter what. He is love. He is my biggest Blessing & Gift from God.

I hope in 35 Months from now we are enjoying our married life & are happy as can be in our new adventure...When we are 35 Years old  I hope we can sort through all the chaos & struggles that come with having a family of our own .. I hope in 35 Years from now we have lots of grand kids & have aged gracefully - I hear going gray is quite the process! 

More than anything - I hope that I always cherish my months with him like I do now. 



JMay said...

This post makes my heart happy.

You & Ley are perfect for each other & such a beautiful & unique story to tell your kids one day :-)

I am honored to be a part of your wedding & I have no doubt in 35 years, you will have wonderful big family & in love as ever!

See you soon my dear! xo.

Uptown Girl said...

omg I started tearing up! how beautiful Lize!!!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

This needs to be framed and put in your house to remind eachother of how much love is there and will always be:)

LOVE they way this is written. Beautiful:)

ClGro2 said...

Love love this post :) I am so excited for both of you! You deserve the best man ever and you have found him! Much love to you and happy happy planning :)

Therese said...

So Beautiful!- and to say it in words to back up the ACTION and LOVING that is so apparent between the two of you! OWN-IT Lady!

Mary T. said...

One of the greatest things in life is to see your closest friends truly happy and truly loved! I literally cried reading this liz! SO beautiful and so happy for you both. Cant wait for Many more 35's for you two : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this. I love you and am so grateful for who you are. You inspire me...and remind me that God truly has the perfect plan of love for each of us. And, He wants us to find what that is for right now in this moment... and sometimes he wants us to wait and trust that He also has a beautiful plan for us in the future.
I love you always - and His beautiful plan for you and Leyland fills me with joy. RB

Alexis Blake said...
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Alexis Blake said...

Absolutely beautifully said. Love you both! xoxo

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