Friday, October 8, 2010

I love New York

Hey there Blogland, are you Owning it? I am!

Last night I got back on the horse - and ran for the first time in a WHILE. As a huffed along on my little jog (on a treadmill in the gym in my building) I had the MOST incredible view of the city. The windows face south & I always love the view while I run - but last night it was Sunset - YOWZA.

I started to think about just HOW much I love my city -
New York, New York: The city SO nice, they Named it TWICE!

 This past weekend 2 of my besties (above) came to visit - and we went all over the city -it reminded me just how awesome this place is.

Let me break it down for you...
A few of my favorite things...

(This is the view from our Wedding Venue)

If you have never been - you MUST. There is no place like it & no place I'd rather be. 


Therese said...

Now I want to move here... thanks!?! :) Love your passion Liiizzzzeee!

Uptown Girl said...

THERESE!!!! do it.
Move your booty to the N-Y-C. You would make my life.

Liza- sweet post. thank you for reminding me to appreciate the city!

JennyMay- this is so New York.

JMay said...

haha Maria, this post is soooo NYC. P.S. Liza, I know why you realllllly posted this...Grrr, I'm working on it ;-)

LOVE THESE PICS!!!! I miss you already!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

So beauteous. Great pics Lize!
You were made for NYC:)

The Artisann said...

i do too. i don't get there enough and i am DYING to visit. be there soooooon!