Monday, November 4, 2013

Kristen's Story of Faith

I enjoyed going to Church with my family as a child and didn't mind the various faith activities my parents took my siblings and I to. In eighth grade though my older sister started going to the youth mass at our church which was at 4:30 for high school students. I wanted to be with the older kids so I would join her each Sunday. She didn't want to sit with me and wanted to sit with her older friends so I would sit in the back of the church alone. Although it was hurtful at first, it really was a blessing in disguise. Each Sunday I would sit alone and was really able to give my full attention to the priest. I was able to concentrate on what was being said and what Christ was saying to me during the mass. I fell in love with mass and the Eucharist and knew that I wanted this to be part of my life forever. Throughout high school I got involved in anything I could with my youth group and met so many wonderful people. I knew what kind of person I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted to live. I learned as much as I could about my religion became on fire for my faith. Coming to Franciscan started to become a dream of mine in high school and I worked very hard to be able to go there. Being here is everything I have always wanted, being surrounded by people who believe in the same thing as me and being able to grow deeper in my faith everyday. I fall more in love with Christ and Catholicism everyday, but I know my journey is not done yet!
Kristen D.

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