Monday, November 4, 2013

Maggie's Story

Catholicism was something that was always forced upon my siblings and I. We often saw it in a negative way and as some sort of punishment. As the youngest of five, I looked up to what my siblings thought and believed, and they did not think too positively of Catholicism. Fortunately, I was introduced to a youth group at a church not too far from me. My two youth ministers (Franciscan graduates) changed my life and my view on religion. They made it fun and cool for me and started to become very involved in my youth group. It no longer felt like a punishment for me to practice my faith or go to church. Today, both of my brothers are professed Atheists and my two sisters are cultural Catholics. Although I still look up to them and respect them, I have very different views than them on religion. Franciscan was not necessarily a school I wanted to go to but it was the only one my parents would put money towards so I convinced myself to go. Since I have been here I have grown so much spiritually and have learned so much about my faith. There are many things about Catholicism that I am not familiar with but I am eager to learn and at Franciscan I have friends that are willing to teach me. I am looking forward to where my faith journey will lead me and I am excited for the relationship with Christ that I know I will form through my years here.

-Maggie C.


Louisa Zuccaro said...

I can relate to what you wrote and I find your words inspirational. I have friends who are atheists and friends who are devote Catholics. I grew up feeling that going to church was a punishment. For me it was God's grace when my mom was dying. He held me together and then after she passed he brought wonderful people into my life and inspired me through a couple priests that passed through our parish for a much shorter time than I hoped. I find myself looking again for that inspiration with hope.

Rachel Harrell said...

As someone is right now "in between" religions I can totally relate to this post as well as your siblings. My younger sister and I have left the Catholic Faith and we are the oldest of five kids so I'm beginning to see a pattern here...Whilst she has become part of the non denominational Christian church, I am still trying to decide what to do with mine.

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